hbuGUI, the unified GUI for Harbour

After many months of contacts and negotiations it is an honour for me to present the hbuGUI project, the unified multiplatform GUI for Harbour. The project, promoted by Harbour Magazine, has managed to create a consensus among many members of the Harbour community who, from now on, are going to abandon their proprietary developments and turn to the new project that will have an open source license.

hbuGUI takes as its base the hbui project started by Rafal Jopek to develop an authentic multiplatform GUI for Harbour, with the participation, among others, of the following developers: Przemyslaw Czerpak, Viktor Szakats, Alexander Kresin, Rafa ‘thefull’ Carmona, Antonio Linares, José F. Gímenez, Ignacio Ortíz, Roberto López, Grigory Filatov, Ron Pinkas, Patrick Mast, Teo Fonrouge, Manu Expósito and Manuel Calero. Each of them will contribute with the previous knowledge acquired in the development of their own proprietary products to contribute to the development of hbuGUI.

For the first quarter of 2019 is expected to release the code of version 1.0 of the new GUI that will have the following main elements:

  • multiplatform IDE + editor
  • double class hierarchy to facilitate inheritance and ad-hoc changes
  • reporting engine based on fastreport
  • native access to relational databases based on HDO
  • access to MongoDB
  • unit test manager
  • ORM based on Eloquent
  • and everything you can ask to Santa Claus

If you’ve read this far you should know that in Spain today is the day of the innocent, something like April’s fool day, and obviously this is a joke. Although more than a joke it is a desire, to have a single GUI for Harbour that allows the development of our beloved language to continue and get out of the traffic jam in which it is now.

Merry Christmas and may 2019 bring us many news related to Harbour!

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