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With the Harbour programmers survey almost finished, we are near to 200 answers. However, the posts anouncing the survey have had more than 500 visits, so my first conclusion is that we have more readers in the publication than hae responded to the survey.

When the survey will finish, I’ll publish all the information about it, but in advance I can say that the diversity of environments/GUI/editors/ tools that we use is very big. I don’t know, by far, all the tools mentioned in the surveys, so I encourage all readers of Harbor Magazine to collaborate with the publication to show your tools.

Harbour Magazine is open to colaborations of all the Harbour programmers around the worls who want to publish the following type of posts:

  • Description of features or libraries of [x]Harbour.
  • Description of features of the several GUI for [x]Harbour.
  • Description of features, code samples of libraries or functions that we have created or use.
  • Description of functionality, features or tutorials of programming tools: code editors, IDE, resource editors, etc.
  • Description of functionalities of our programs that can serve as an example for other programmers, explaining the reason for the novelty of the functionality and how to implement it.
  • Programming books or topics related to programming: psychology, sociology, work organization, productivity, etc.
  • Any other topic related to programming in xbase languages.
  • Experiences with other languages ​​/ programming environments.

You can write me to attaching the post to publish. If you want to join me as Harbour Magazine editor write me and I’ll add you as publication editor.

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