Welcome to Harbour Magazine

There was once a programming language called Clipper which, in the early 1990s, was a widely spread language. Its compatibility with files in DBF format, its ease of use and ability to generate executables to distribute without runtimes was highly valued among programmers. It was, undoubtedly, one of the main programming languages ​​of the first epoch of PCs. In those years there was a publication called Clipper Advisor that counted all the novelties of the language, informed of related products and served as nexus of union to the community of programmers.

Changes in language ownership coupled with the arrival of Windows and the graphical environments meant a decline of language, which did not evolve for many years. The Harbor compiler has made it possible to continue using Clipper’s syntax, while adding new functionality to make it a modern language again.

In this new context, Harbour Magazine borns with the purpose of serving as a communication medium for the Harbour developer community, showing the benefits of the language, the different tools available to make applications in a graphical environment, programs made with these tools and thr professionals who develop them. To show that the Harbour developer community still exists and it is active.

Harbor Magazine is a collaborative publication. If you have something to tell related to Harbour please contact us and we will explain how to publish here.