Looking ahead

Just a few of the things we plan to complete in 2018

An update from our team has been long overdue, almost a month ago we announced that we were joining the BAA foundation. Since then we have continued work on Harbour, not only have we been doing development work but we have also been doing outreach to people of the Ethereum community and beyond.

In 2018 we plan on continuing work on Harbour and keeping up with the steady pace things have been moving at so far. We are also planning on working closely with multiple known projects to help them further develop their governance.

Open Sourcing our Protocol

An important step towards the adoption of Harbour is to open source our protocol, we plan on doing this. When exactly is currently unclear, we still have a few things we would like to work on and optimize before we do so.

Public Beta Platform

A public beta of our platform will be a huge milestone towards the adoption of Harbour, here we plan on allowing users to fully leverage the power of the Harbour Protocol through a simple and well designed user interface. We plan on making this user interface simple enough to use by a wide range of people.

Country E-Voting Proposal

Another important piece of work our team believes in, is adopting things like Harbour for nationwide e-voting. For this reason we will be drafting our proposal of how we see this working with platforms like Harbour. This not only includes how platforms will work, but how we can register users to vote on those platforms and beyond.

We wish everyone a happy new year and all the best in 2018.

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