New Year, Another New Look.

This is not a new year post, it’s just something I’ve needed to get off my chest from the past year.

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The last two years have been crazy for me but then again when is it not been.

Leaving a full time salary career to pursue a life in freelance, what was I thinking? YES I wanted a life that would push me outside of my comfort zone but I did not expect that it would push me to the point of a mental burn out.

After spending all my financial resources on the past two years of trying to live and work internationally as a creative & change maker, I needed to come back home and rethink how I was going about chasing a fading dream.

I was failing the purpose of what I hoped to accomplish. In fact I was doing so many different things that I started to lose sight of what I wanted to accomplish in the first place.

At the start of the year I made big plans to become world class in how I was going to operate and witnessed it all come crashing down. I got overwhelmed and fell back into the rut of survival because I felt that my work was no longer making an impact in the chaos of the world.

The hard knock truth of any journey is that we become drained and fall back to the bottom solely because we do not find the success we are looking for.

Image courtesy of the Unsplash community

Now let me tell you the most valuable parts of my two year journey.

I can say I’ve returning with a life changing experience that very few people set out to accomplish and I don’t have the regrets that I didn’t give my dreams a shot.

I saw the world in all it’s beauty and sadness. I met people and exchanged life stories on hopes and struggles. I made friends and family that made me realize this journey was the one I was suppose to be on.

With no set plan or guidance, I decided I would take on any challenge so I could learn about and exist in the world around us. I did take my work international and perhaps even left some footprints behind in the places I visited.

I made a return back home last year to keep on working on those dreams. It took me a few months to mentally rewire and now I’m more focused in what I have to accomplish than I would have been a year or two ago.

The moral of my story is that in any given year we need to taste failure before we can taste success. We need to feel burn out so we know our breaking points and most importantly, we need to realize that impact comes only from the many years of consistently banging out our craft.

You could beat yourself up on why things didn’t work out in the years of your life or you could ask yourself what you need to keep working on, to get closer to your dreams today.

Whatever you do, I hope you choose the latter and make every year simply amazing. Wishing you all success by any mean in this new one!

As for me, I’m back on my hustle as usual. Check out the new look on

Success is a journey, not a destination

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