6 Tips on How to Get to a War Zone Right Now (as a Conflict Photographer)

As some of you know, I spent years in school studying human rights and conflict management studies. Specifically, my focus has been on Bosnia & Herzegovina (BnH). I even taught undergrad sections on genocide while pursuing my MPA. So, this directly informs and motivates my “recent” pivot from automotive and travel photographer, to conflict photojournalist. I put…




Harding Reporting Group seeks to bring untold stories that matter to people who will benefit from them. Our subjects range from vintage camera reviews to coverage of foreign conflicts. Founded by Elijah Aikens @elijahrha

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Elijah Aikens | Photojournalist

Elijah Aikens | Photojournalist

Political analyst by degree, photographer by profession. I write about world conflicts, the gear I use to document them, and personal insights along the way.

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