Upcoming: Harding Video Game Club

Harding has several clubs available for students interested in science and technology: Genius Squad, Robotics, Science & Engineering, and Technology Club to name a few. But something is missing.

As the Hip, Young Computer Tech teacher (that’s definitely my official title) at Harding, many students have realized that I can relate to their use of technology better than most teachers. I have had quite a few animated conversations with students about their computer builds, their plans to make it big on YouTube, or problems they have had to troubleshoot for their parents. The conversation I have had most often involves students approaching me and suggesting (in some cases commanding) that I start a Video Game Club.

I’m sold. Of course, I wasn’t a tough customer.

First, from a purely educational standpoint, I believe that video games act as a natural way to get students comfortable with and knowledgeable about technology. If the reward for figuring out a particular computer problem is getting to play a fun game, the students will be more willing to put in the effort to find a solution.

Second, from an artistic standpoint, it is worthwhile to give students the opportunity to get together, discuss, and learn more about a medium that interests them. Harding has a whole class that touches on this; the beginning of the Game IT curriculum involves discussing what goes into a good game. A club would allow this conversation to be an ongoing one, and would allow it to expand into more current events in the gaming world.

Third, I just think it would be a fun time. Video games are how I bonded with many of my friends in high school, and I would like to help today’s students have fun together in a supervised environment.

Your assignment:

For any students who are interested in forming a Video Game Club at Harding, email me so I can put you on the mailing list. And if you know anyone who would be interested in a video game club, tell them about it and have them email me! Once I have gotten approval to form the club, I will email everyone to find out what day of the week works best for everyone. Once we have our first meeting, we can decide what we want to do with this wonderful new club.