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Toward the end of my freshman year of college, I was faced with the difficult choice all students face — I had to choose my major.

A lot of hardware does not exist without this crazy, trillionaire investor: You.

In today’s article, I hope to answer a question that is incredibly central to hardware and technology development in the United States and the world, which is, what is the military-industrial complex? How prevalent is it in society and technological development? How does it operate? Most importantly, who funds it? (The hint is in the subtitle.)

On being grounded in technical work at turbulent times

(In case you’re wondering if this publication is really about how many hardware puns can I make before running out of titles, the answer is yes.)

What does it mean to get paid to work on robots?

When I was in grade school, I distinctly remember not really knowing what different engineering professions looked like. By high school it became somewhat clearer, but honestly, not all that much. By sophomore year of college, I had to declare my major. I knew I liked robotics and what that meant academically, but even at that time, I didn’t really know what it meant to have a job in robotics.

Will they take over the world? More importantly, will they put me out of a job?

Over the years, as a child who built solar-powered boats and robot arms from science kits, then as a team captain of my high school FIRST Robotics competition, as an undergraduate majoring in a Mechanical Engineering with Robotics flex degree, as an MIT Media Lab research assistant on a big (seriously, big) robotic construction platform, and finally working on DARPA robotics research and robotic applications in industry….

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