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Warrington Hudlin Walks Into The Metaverse

Daytona & Sweetie Built the House Party Immersive MetaVerse for Warrington Hudlin’s G.O.A.T. honor.

Ask anyone what Warrington Hudlin is up to recently, and they will tell you he has become a MetaVerse evangelist. He now has an enormous responsibility forging pathways for the new generation of Black filmmakers, similar to what he and his brother Reginald ushered in three decades ago, with hits like Boomerrang and BeBe’s Kids and of course House Party. He is now plotting a course through the Metaverse as it is the new frontier for creatives.

Hudlin has extended his creative work by building the WeWatchTogether.us Metaverse along with directing the groundbreaking VR films, KUNG FU #ME TOO and CINEFEMME CYPHER, both of which address women’s rights and achievements. He continues to assist upcoming future filmmakers as the one of the founders and the president of the Black Filmmaker Foundation, and as an advisor to the Universal Hip Hop Museum and the Tribeca Film Festival.

Enter CR Capers, founder and executive director of the Harlem Film House. Her flagship event, the Hip Hop Film Festival has named Hudlin as it’s G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all Time) for the 2022 season. An avid metaverse developer, over the past year, CR Capers has created the most groundbreaking multi-verses under the Harlem Film House Metaverse banner across Microsoft’s AltSpace VR, Meta’s Horizon Worlds, and VR Chat. Matching Hudlin’s evangelist energy, CR also created the first ever fully functioning economic co-operative for business owners in the Metaverse called the MALL OF THE METAVERSE with her partner Artsy, the most sought after Metaverse architect.

To honor Hudlin, CR brought in Arthur “Daytona” Coward and Brianna “Sweetie” Franklin. Together, the trio created the ultimate HOUSE PARTY immersive metaverse comprised of seven worlds built exclusively on Zuckerberg’s Horizon Worlds.

“Hudlin is a pioneer. There was no way I could give him a played out glass trophy or dull retrospective. Like me, he is future focused, so his gift needed to speak to his passion with a nod towards our collective future.” says Capers.

The experience puts the attendee directly into the plot of the hit cult classic. Upon entering the House Party Metaverse, the festival goer must follow Play’s (Christopher Martin) instructions to get to his house while avoiding Full Force and “Pops”’ belt.

Daytona and Sweetie executed the immersive experience in a fun and unique way that invokes true nostalgia with music, visuals and a bit of the “fun” danger that brings everyone back to being a teenager and risking it all to sneak out for the party of the century.

The launch of the House Party MetaVerse comes August 19th, with special appearances by the original cast members, live DJ’s and other in-experience treats.

For more information on this year’s festival, happening August 11–20th, visit https://hiphopfilmfestival.org

About the Hip Hop Film Festival NYC

Out of over 5,000 festivals in the world, the Hip-Hop Film Festival is the only festival to focus on writers, directors and producers who grew up in the global culture of Hip Hop. This season the festival hosts over 200 directors, producers and screenwriters from the United States, France, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Canada, the UK, Russia, Switzerland, South Africa, Kenya, India, Japan, Portugal, Argentina and more. The Hip Hop Film Festival features every genre (mystery, sci-fi, horror, action, romance, etc.) of story from filmmakers who live across the world. It is also the only film festival that shares the profits from the festival with the filmmakers selected to participate.

About Harlem Film House

Harlem Film House, a 501(c)(3) corporation, produces film and music festivals, operates year-round workshops, theater productions and live events, while also offering business consulting to filmmakers and content creators in underserved communities around the world. The Harlem Film House creates an economic ecosystem by providing filmmakers services and resources to ensure longevity in careers in film, theater and related entrepreneurial pursuits. For more information, visit harlemfilmhouse.org.



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Harlem Film House, a 501(c) 3) corporation, produces film & music festivals. operates year-round workshops, theatre productions and live events, while also offe