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The Hip Hop Film Festival Introduces Private Cinemas During It’s Festival In August

HHFF & 247films.tv partner with Unskrypted TV to heighten festival goers movie experience in a virtual setting.

The Hip Hop Film Festival has announced a new partnership with streaming platform Unskrypted to produce and host exclusive watch parties, giving filmmakers a private platform to screen their content and participate in a live Q&A. The watch parties provide additional value to filmmakers by offering an interactive, customizable, and engaging experience that replicates an in-person event. The festival’s network, 247films.tv, will host VIP private cinemas exclusively for accredited press and industry screenings.

Now in its fifth year, Harlem Film House’s Hip Hop Film Festival features film screenings, virtual DJ battles, master classes known as Master Cyphers, and more. It takes audiences through a series of live events on 247films.tv from Thursday, August 6, to Sunday, August 9.

This partnership will allow all 200 participating filmmakers access to sign up for their own private watch party through the online platform from August 13–30, providing them more opportunity to raise awareness and funds for their projects and the ability to invite key influencers, investors, and media to a premium viewing experience.

This innovative move by the festival ensures the value of the filmmaker’s work is protected and ready for acquisition by distributors, who have balked at the industry’s recent practice of throwing the hard work of filmmakers on the internet without this consideration.

“Unskrypted is excited to partner with the Hip Hop Film Festival because they’ve done an amazing job at showcasing the culture directly from the people who create it,” said Unskrypted Creator Folasade Ogunmokun. “Unskrypted is all about redefining the narrative in the Black community and the Hip Hop Film Festival is a huge contributor to that movement.”

Folasade Ogunmokun is the founder of Unskrypted TV. While working at a news station she noticed that something needed to be made in order to properly share black narratives, news and information in an authentic way and Unskrypted was birthed. She is a proud Howard alum, mother and content creator who looks forward to sharing her ideas with the world.

In order to establish an even distribution of work and wealth, all proceeds from the watch parties will be split between the filmmakers, Harlem Film House, and Unskrypted, giving key financial support to independent artists and allowing both organizations to propel their combined mission of creating an economic ecosystem for underrepresented filmmakers.

“Our partnership with Unskrypted will help us lift these filmmakers to new heights,” said Harlem Film House and Hip Hop Film Festival Founder CR Capers. “Their voices matter. Their stories matter. Their films matter. These watch parties will share their name, face, and message to a larger audience.”

For more information on the Hip Hop Film Festival, visit hiphopfilmfestival.org. Passes are available now at https://2020hhff.eventbrite.com.

About Unskrypted

Unskrypted is a linear streaming network that offers VSOD and original content to its viewers. Black people across the Diaspora have continually fought for the inclusion of our stories within mainstream media. Rather than waiting for permission to make our own stories, we are redefining our own narratives. We provide a safe space for creators of color to showcase their work while engaging and interacting with a community of people who believe in their work. We’re also disrupting the current landscape of advertising for Black-owned businesses by creating an ecosystem that allows these businesses to invest in branded content, sponsorships and more in collaboration with the Black creatives that produce on our network. This will allow creatives to be paid for their work and Black-owned businesses to have quality advertising that speaks to their target audience. For more information, visit unskrypted.tv.

About the Hip Hop Film Festival NYC

Out of over 5,000 festivals in the world, the Hip-Hop Film Festival is the only festival to focus on writers, directors and producers who grew up in the global culture of Hip Hop. This season the festival hosts over 200 directors, producers and screenwriters from the United States, France, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Canada, the UK, Russia, Switzerland, South Africa, Kenya, India, Japan, Portugal, Argentina and more. The Hip Hop Film Festival features every genre (mystery, sci-fi, horror, action, romance, etc.) of story from filmmakers who live across the world. It is also the only film festival that shares the profits from the festival with the filmmakers selected to participate.

About Harlem Film House

Harlem Film House, a 501(c) 3) corporation, produces film and music festivals, operates year-round workshops, theatre productions and live events, while also offering business consulting to filmmakers and content creators in underserved communities around the world. The Harlem Film House creates an economic ecosystem by providing filmmakers services and resources to ensure longevity in careers in film, theatre and related entrepreneurial pursuits. For more information, visit harlemfilmhouse.org.




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Harlem Film House

Harlem Film House

Harlem Film House, a 501(c) 3) corporation, produces film & music festivals. operates year-round workshops, theatre productions and live events, while also offe