Test Your Wits in Harlem’s Escape Room

Michele Ware poses for the camera.

Story and Photos by Demi Rodriguez.

Hoodwinked Escape — an “escape room” venue has made its way to Harlem. Guests solve a combination of puzzles, riddles, and codes in order to escape a room in less than 60 minutes. Hoodwinked Escape currently has four themed rooms to choose from: Hangover, Asylum, Military, and the room made especially for its location — Spirit of Harlem.

The brain stimulating rendezvous brought in over 2,000 customers in less than two months. According to Hoodwinked creator, Michele Ware, customers come as far as Connecticut for the attraction. Children, adults, teens, friends, families, and couples are all welcomed to try and beat the clues to escape the rooms.

Each room is able to hold up to eight guests, with the exception of the Military room, which can sustain up to 10. It’s possible for a small group to be combined with another small group that they’ve never previously known. Ware says that people become reluctant of the idea at first, but come out high-fiving like best friends due to the bonding the activity builds.

The fun doesn’t stop once the escape is accomplished. Hoodwinked has a large, cozy, chic lounge area where customers can relax after an exciting game. Once they are ready to continue their day, or night, Hoodwinked employees have several suggestions for after escape fun in the Harlem area.

“I would love [people] that are unfamiliar with the concept of escape rooms to open up their minds, and think of the infinite possibilities that a new adventure can bring in their lives, and just come and visit us,” Ware guarantees an amazing time.

Items in and around Hoodwinked Escape.

You can check out http://hoodwinkedescape.com/ for more information on Hoodwinked Escape and potential bookings.

Good Luck!

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