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Crypto Briefing’s Pick, 128x on Gate.io, 1000 Pangaeans, August Update 2

Since our last newsletter, here’s our social storm of team tweets!

  • “Pick of the Month”, Effective Proof-of-Stake.
  • Gate 128x Oversubscribed, SGD/IDR/VND Fiat Pairs.
  • Origin of Nodes: 1,000 Pangaeans in 96 Countries.
  • All Is Fair in Blockchain, Isolation is the Dream Killer.

“Pick of the Month”, Effective Proof-of-Stake

Gate $32M & 128x Oversubscribed, BitMax Margin

Layer 1 Research, Vitalik’s Fraud Proof for Clients

KuCoin Listing, Cobo Wallet, SGD/IDR/VND Fiat Pairs

Origin of Nodes: 1,000 Pangaeans in 96 Countries

ONE-Click Deploy, Syncing up Eng/Biz/Community

First ONE Token Transaction, Make History

Games & Collectibles: Animoca Sandbox, Axie Infinity

TGI-Dreams: Isolation is the Dream Killer

Radical Incentives via Peer Review, Transparency

All Is Fair in Blockchain: Community Voices

Frugality, Harmony’s Culture & Values

Lastly, follow our team tweets and next newsletter in action!



To scale trust for billions of people and create a radically fair economy

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