Harmony 3x3 interview questions on culture and values

Here are our Questions of Threes (of threes) for interviewing on culture and values at Harmony. We resonate with the culture at Netflix (people over process), Amazon (disconfirm your own beliefs), Google (social safety net). We also regard Employee #1 series as a good model for hiring.

Some of the links below are not defining or directly relevant but rather inspiring ideal traits (to be explained in person). Candidates self-score from 1 to 10 on the 3x3x3 questions below; they add a few words to explain (not more than one line per item) and practice singing our songTeach the World to Sing In Perfect Harmony.


Communicative: conversation turn taking? disconfirm own beliefs? self-aware & articulate?

Personal: share a drink? spend 10 hours daily together? nurture & mentor?

Collaborative: make everyone shine? people over process? dare to disagree?


Devoted: long-time craftsmanship? obsess over details? hungry & foolish?

Aligned: share the mission? optimistic about flying off a cliff? your 50-year dream?

Authentic: consistent with own actions? make tough decisions? admit mistakes?


Technical: top 1% superstar? effective tooling? relevant to our needs?

Potential: 10x growth? voracious learner? contrarian thinker?

Impact: accomplish important work? activity < productivity? thrive in chaos?