Harmony partners with PhotoBlock to simplify login for Dapps

Users can now login to Harmony Dapps with a photo and emojis

Edmond Truong
Sep 4, 2019 · 3 min read

3 Phases of Usability: Harmony x TryCrypto

1. PhotoBlock — Login using just a photo and emojis

2. Phase 2 — (Releasing payment application on Harmony)

3. Phase 3 — (Allowing everyONE to easily create their own DAPPS)

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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with PhotoBlock, an Open Source library for decentralized authentication that allows users to login to dapps using a photo and emojis. Decentralized applications built on Harmony can now provide PhotoBlock as an authentication option for users, combining the power of Harmony’s scalable blockchain with PhotoBlock’s simple interface.

Dapp adoption is lacking

In a survey of dapp developers, 67% listed overall lack of users their biggest pain point, attributing the lack of engagement to scalability and usability issues. Current infrastructure is slow and difficult to use, requiring users to be both patient and technically savvy. A partnership between Harmony and PhotoBlock attacks the problem from both sides, creating usable decentralized solutions that scale, allowing users to login to Harmony-powered dapps on the web without wallet downloads or extensions.

Scalability with Harmony

Harmony is developing a high-throughput, low-latency and low-fee consensus platform, improving scalability and speed of decentralized applications. Innovating on both the protocol and network layers, Harmony is paving the way for fast decentralized applications handling transactions for billions of people for applications in gaming, finance, ecommerce, and more.

Usability with PhotoBlock

PhotoBlock makes logging into every blockchain simple, allowing users to use one login for every blockchain without worrying about private keys, downloads, or installations. Creating an account with PhotoBlock is as simple as uploading a photo and choosing emojis.

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Developed by the team at TryCrypto, PhotoBlock also supports customized settings for users, allowing dapps to create a personalized experience for each user while respecting anonymity and privacy. Together, PhotoBlock and Harmony provide necessary infrastructure to build decentralized applications that are usable, scalable, and made for everyONE.

Nik Kalyani, Co-Founder of TryCrypto (company behind PhotoBlock):

We are excited about Harmony’s innovations in terms of scalability and speed but we also recognize the need for usability. We have incorporated support for Harmony in PhotoBlock to improve usability and fully leverage the speed of their network. We look forward to continuing to work with Harmony on other usability initiatives to fully unlock the power of this technology.

Support for authentication on Harmony is built and deployed in PhotoBlock Beta. To learn more about PhotoBlock and how it works:

To learn more about Harmony’s latest developments:


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