Larissa Bitterli
Aug 7 · 2 min read

Dear Community,

This week we upgraded our Mainnet, announced our Bitmax listing, and more. This is a live document that anyone can comment on and our team will provide answers here.


  • Completed a rolling upgrade to the mainnet with Epoch transition support. Expanded from 600 to 800 nodes in Harmony Mainnet Phase 2.
  • Epoch transition is fully enabled on the mainnet. After the 1st epoch, 8 additional foundational nodes were added into the network. Another 48 foundational nodes were added after the next epoch transition.
  • Integrated the new distributed randomness generation using the VRF/VDF algorithm into our master branch. Merged the two external PRs of the VDF repo, which is the first golang implementation of VDF in the industry.
  • Passed 1.5 million blocks on Mainnet.
  • Set up user guide for running a Harmony node on Vultr.
  • Created monitoring tool to manage each individual offline node, with CPU/RAM/Disk/Network metrics.
  • Hired a full stack contract developer to build the Pangaea website — Edgar Aroutiounian.
  • We created a user guide for Pangaea.
  • Andy Wu joined our engineering team full time in August to build metrics, dashboard, and manage the Harmony nodes in the blockchain network.


Marketing & Chinese Community

  • Updated our Harmony Merchandise Store with a full selection of swag.
  • Announced a partnership with Morpheus Labs, a Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) and App Marketplace which enables organisations and developers to rapidly design, deploy and operate distributed ledgers at a fraction of the current cost and time.
  • Weixin group chat brought in 42 new community members; held one AMA.
  • Translated our past two Transparency Tuesdays for the Chinese Community; typesetting released three WeChat public articles.
  • Completed the follow-up award distribution of Bihu solicit articles.
  • $ONE Foundational Node Raffle brought in 20% more community members.


To scale trust for billions of people and create a radically fair economy

Larissa Bitterli

Written by

Marketing and Business Development Intern at Harmony



To scale trust for billions of people and create a radically fair economy

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