Introducing Harmony: An Open, Scalable Marketplace for the Decentralized Economy

Stephen Tse
Jul 15, 2018 · 9 min read

What is Harmony, and what problem are you solving?

As the day begins and team members arrive, Nicolas catches up on emails.
Minh Doan (left) problem-solves with Nicolas (right) on the whiteboard.

Why do you believe Harmony will succeed?

While the rest of the team works in the garage, Stephen and Alok have their one-on-one in the backyard.

“The value of blockchain is that it enables trust — it’s a public, unchangeable, decentralized record.” — Alok

The founding team and their collaborators huddle around for their weekly all-hands.

How did Harmony come into existence?

“It’s about more than just how big this company can get. It’s about building a community.” — Stephen

Key considerations for new members learning about Harmony’s product and goals.

What are you looking for in new team members?

Stephen documents the all-hands as it wraps up.

“You’re not just making small tweaks to a larger platform. You’re impacting a system that will eventually affect millions of people.” — Rongjian

Minh Doan consults Alok and Rongjian for a gut-check.

What would you tell someone who’s skeptical about joining Harmony so early on?

Harmony team leads Nicolas and Stephen share a laugh before wrapping up for lunch.
Nicolas preps beans on the stove while team member, Trausti plates steak fresh off of the grill.

What’s your vision for Harmony’s future?

Grillmaster Rongjian seasons steaks for a Saturday lunch BBQ that the team is hosting for prospective new teammate and friends.
The team breaks bread with friends and peers.

“Blockchain is going to be the next big tech disruption. It’s the next internet.” — Nicolas

As the BBQ comes to a close, Nicolas retreats to the treehouse to get back to work.
The Harmony team, small and mighty, continues to grow quickly as they prepare to launch their product.


To scale trust for billions of people and create a radically fair economy

Stephen Tse

Written by Open Consensus for 10B



To scale trust for billions of people and create a radically fair economy