Safe Haven Brings Preservation of Capital to Harmony Mainnet

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Safe Haven (SHA), a startup developing a decentralized network for capital preservation solutions on the blockchain, recently revealed that it is planning to integrate the Harmony Blockchain into their flagship products!

Safe Haven is among the dedicated cryptocurrency projects that deliver tools and products to flourish the consensus industry, while serving the industries of asset management and inheritance/transfer of value on blockchain.

Safe Haven has already released numerous tools which currently serve the Vechain Blockchain. In their expansion, they will now support the toolset and ecosystem on Harmony; customizing their key products to operate powered by Harmony Blockchain.

Among the offered products are ThorBlock, the first communal funding turnkey solution on the VechainThor Blockchain — creating DAOs and supporting decentralized funding collection for startup companies and charity organizations. ThorBlock Charity and Fundraising V2 will be released this quarter, we expect the Harmony integration in Q1, 2020.

Safe Haven’s flagship product, Inheriti, will allow an ‘initiator’ to manage, protect, and distribute their assets with any amount of stakeholders by dividing seeds, private keys, passwords, documents or any digital asset in several shares, one for each stakeholder. The Inheritance Platform BETA is scheduled to release in Q4, 2019.

Beyond software, Safe Haven has built SafeKey, a hardware security key enabling strong two-factor, multi-factor and password-less authentication in conjunction with secure data share cold storage. This is the only key compatible with Safe Haven’s Inheritance platform, Inheriti.

Furthering our dedication to be the leader of Decentralized Economy (defi) , we are pleased to announce that Safe Haven will be integrating these solutions to the Harmony Blockchain within Q1, 2020.

This will provide us with a series of comprehensive solutions that will flourish along with the Harmony Blockchain, which currently offers a number of tools for developers who are looking to build dApps on our blockchain.

“As the development of blockchain protocols is following an exponential roadmap with many players to compete, we strongly believe that the direction of Harmony towards establishing a decentralized finance ecosystem — offered us a solution that is technical calibre and at the same time we will enjoy the dedicated support from senior researchers and Harmony’s. Creating new solutions along our already offered products, will be well-used with Harmony’s blockchain infrastructure targeting millions of new users.”

Harmony Marketing Manager — Garlam Won said “We believe that building defi solutions becomes truly viable when developers will be able to access and utilize tools and decentralized oracles that will allow scalability and complex knowledge transfer, as it is in Safe Haven’s case. We see data inheritance and asset management as one of the use cases that were missing from Harmony today and we believe that with Safe Haven we can really pave the road for what inheritance solutions could function on Blockchain.”

Harmony Business Developer, Nikos Kostopoulos stated, “The decision to port a decentralized project onto a different blockchain is significant, and we are excited to see some of the most promising blockchain developers are choosing Harmony to #BUIDL assets to power the decentralized economy. The list of projects continues to grow and we are excited for what the future holds. Among the strategic Q4 2019 goals announced in our Open Q4 Planning is achieving $10,000 worth of transactions fee from the first generation of dApps that will function on Harmony blockchain: Stablecoins, Animoca game and Porting DAI.”

Among the first deliverables we expect to see from this partnership are:

  • Harmony integration into Inheriti, the Safe Haven Inheritance Platform
  • Harmony integration into ThorBlock; Charity and Fundraising Platform
  • SHA Harmony will be the first token listed on the Harmony DEX
  • SafeKey promotional giveaway to the Harmony community

Token Swap:

  • $SHA VIP-180 token will be swapped to $SHA Harmony and will allow the Harmony community utilize their native chain to employ Safe Haven solutions, and increase transactions conducted on Harmony; more details about the swap will be revealed later

About Harmony:

About Safe Haven:


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