Transparency Tuesday- October 1st, 2019

Nikolaos Kostopoulos
Oct 1 · 2 min read

As always you can comment & ask your questions directly to our leadership team in our Living Document.

Nick White spoke in front of a packed auditorium at D.FINE during Korean Blockchain Week in Seoul, introducing blockchain quadrilemma.

This week, we welcomed back our team from their journey to the East, successfully launched our DeFi ecosystem initiative, made a splash in Korean Blockchain Week and released our first teaser of native $ONE token transfer via a hardware wallet!


  • Fixed HMY API and Explorer API bugs
  • Continuing work on Harmony Watchdog.
  • Fixed cross-shard transaction committee verification error and ChainID comparison bug on harmony API
  • Removed computation-intensive initialization of VDF
  • Avoided duplicate transactions and receipts in the pending pool

Marketing and Community

Scaling Privacy, Secure Staking, Radical Fairness

Our CEO Stephen Tse delivered a keynote speech at Shanghai Blockchain Week, presenting Harmony’s year-long journey into transcending the blockchain trilemma.

  • Our team will join Osaka Devcon from October 8th through October 11th.
  • We are planning to start our China office and looking for protocol and research engineers.
  • Our team made a splash in the Korean Blockchain Week
  • On September 29th, Harmony co-hosted the Blockchain Impact Weekend in Palo Alto, discussing dApps internals, Blockchain Applications and Token Economy.
  • Blockchain researcher Jack Chan published a post explaining why he is ambitious and confident about Harmony’s success. You can read Jack’s post read the full post below:

Business and Operations

  • Harmony is excited to unveil its inaugural edition of DEFI FOCUS — an active ecosystem and toolset to support the fast-growing Peer-to-Peer Economy.

What are the foundations for creating a strong DeFi ecosystem?

  1. Stable coins or liquid digital assets for use cases that are not speculative
  2. A stable blockchain platform. Fees and speed of transaction settlement are both critical for the DeFi industry.
  3. A set of open-source smart contracts that DApp developers can utilize. Here comes the Harmony DeFi toolset : a set of smart contract to interact with, so that new DeFi applications don’t have to start from the scratch.

Among the key developers as presented on Harmony’s updated development roadmap in Shanghai key foundations delivered will include:

Q4 2019: Port DeFi apps

Q1 2020: Confidential assets & Lending credit data

  • SafePal- the Binance Labs backed hardware wallet announced its support for native $ONE token-integrated into the S1 hardware wallet.

To learn more about Harmony’s latest developments visit:


To scale trust for billions of people and create a radically fair economy

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Advising governments & interest groups on cryptocurrency & FinTech regulation in the European Union.



To scale trust for billions of people and create a radically fair economy

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