Nikolaos Kostopoulos
Sep 24 · 3 min read

As always you can comment & ask your questions directly to our leadership team in our Living Document.


  • Groundwork for CLI test automation on Jenkins is done
  • Started Harmony Watchdog
  • Improved the efficiency of state synchronization
  • Migrated explorer data storage to firestore and fixed stability issues
  • Added getShardID, latestHeader and cross-shard receipt lookup APIs

Business and Operations

  • StealthX, an instant cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides customers with anonymous and limitless swaps, has extended support for Harmony’s $ONE
  • $ONE is now listed on HitBTC and $ONE/$BTC exchange pair is live!

Marketing & Community

Our roadshow in China has turned into a great success. Thanks for all the friends and community events that attended our presentations, community events, and tech meetups.

As announced by our CEO Harmony will shortly inaugurate our Chinese office focused on expanding support for privacy protocols, DeFi and blockchain research in cooperation with leading organizations.

A big thank you to all our friends and partners from Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, Findora, Chainlink, Matic Network, Nervos Network, imToken, Solana, Near Protocol, 1kx Network, Algorand, Ankr Network, Platon Network, Conflux Chain, Maker DAO, DDEX, HummingBot, YellowHat DAO, Alpha Wallet, JoinHub, Hub Token, dForce, and Digital Renaissance for supporting our regional events in China.

  • Lympo is migrating to Harmony rather than porting over, receiving positive feedback from the community.
  • Mainnet AMA Series: Garlam Won- Marketing and Asia Expansion was a success! Here is a more in depth post on the highlights of the event:
  • Our community ambassador in Ukraine, Nick Vasilich has represented Harmony in Blockchain UA conference in Kiev, while he has presented our development roadmap and announced our country specific focus to work closely with the Ukrainian development community.

Kysen Technologies team, has published an inspirational article why they are confident about Harmony’s success by summarizing the great progress of Harmony since the project inception as experienced by a third-party organization.

Pangaea Updates

Since the launch of Phase-2, we have discovered network inefficiencies. We will release a full report on the impact of Pangaea, probably after things settle a little bit. While we’re discovering issues and fixing them, we could not give you a great experience of running a Pangaea node. We know that many of you were eager to learn and run a Pangaea node, and the network simply did not allow that. That is why we will have a lighter approach in the next week. Instead of a competition, Pangaeans’ task will be to identify and submit issues and get rewarded with a bounty program. We will share details of these rewards in the next hours. In the meantime, Pangaea network will be restarted with the new fixes tomorrow on September 25th, 2019. But more details on when and how will be provided by the ambassadors in the Pangaea focused groups.

To learn more about Harmony’s latest developments visit:


To scale trust for billions of people and create a radically fair economy

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Advising governments & interest groups on cryptocurrency & FinTech regulation in the European Union.



To scale trust for billions of people and create a radically fair economy

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