Admissions Officer: “Students get extra points with a LinkedIn profile.”

Harvard University just revealed the importance of LinkedIn for college applications. Although the school will not record it, having a LinkedIn account does give students extra points. Statistics show that 9% of high school students have joined Linkedin and started to make the best out of it. Therefore, they are more highly favored by universities and future employers.

Professor Matt Brown, an honorary professor of University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and the tutor of Harmony Plus’s Future Leadership Academy (FLA), shared his 6 reasons why high school students need to join LinkedIn as follows:

  1. Having a LinkedIn account is already a bonus.

Harvard Admissions Dean Jess Lord said in an interview with Forbes that a large number of universities will search for student information on Google when screening applicants. When admissions officers find that applicants already have a LinkedIn account, they will add points to the applicants because it shows that they are serious about their future and career prospects.

2. Make the best use of your social network.

According to the Six Degrees of Separation theory, you can connect with any stranger in the world through up to five people — imagine the energy hidden in your social circle. Perhaps the younger brother of your child’s teacher works in the company where they want to intern; perhaps the mentor of your child’s after-class clubs is a close friend of the admissions officer in your dream school. LinkedIn’s unique social networking allows users to see the social circles of friends, and to actively build high-quality connections.


3. Practice targeted social messaging.

An admissions officer at Tulane University said that while he will not add any applicants on Facebook, he is willing to talk to applicants on LinkedIn because the platform is more formal and professional. This could open doors and opportunities for many students. For example, suppose you have communicated with the admissions officer a month ago and your competitors have just now applied. Naturally, the admissions officer will know you better and be more willing to accept you.


4. Join “Interest Groups” on Linkedin.

LinkedIn has interest groups in almost every industry and major. Students can learn from industry leaders while interacting with people who have the same interests and prepare for entering their desired field.

5. Research schools and occupations from another perspective.

Almost every school, company, and organization has a LinkedIn account. Students can learn even more about a school’s culture and values ​​through their pages. By using this information in their university applications and job interviews, students can demonstrate their thorough understanding of the school & the admission officers.

6. Start Early

So far, LinkedIn already has 706 million users, 171 million of which are in the United States. Since it has become one of the necessary tools for professionals, why wait until college graduation to use it? When a student graduates from college and already has five years’ worth of connections on LinkedIn, they will inevitably be one step ahead of their classmates.

At Harmony Plus’ Future Leader Academy (FLA), Professor Matt will teach students how to create brilliant LinkedIn profiles and build high quality connections. If you are looking to get ahead in the college game, learn more about FLA here.




Upgrading education through collaboration with professional faculties, high-quality curriculum, and allegiant consulting services.

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Harmony Plus

Upgrading education through collaboration with professional faculties, high-quality curriculum, and allegiant consulting services.

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