Small Tactics for HUGE Campaign Success

Jordan Patrick
Jul 10, 2018 · 2 min read

With so much going on in the world, innovators are rising to the challenge of finding new ways to let their cause be noticed. We’ve seen it with the Ice bucket challenge and even the #Metoo movement. Here are some small-scale ways to incorporate the tactics that have had large-scale success into your organization.

Don’t make donors search for impact, give it to them

March of Dimes does this by choosing an annual ambassador for their cause. They develop content on multiple platforms to follow the story of their ambassador, giving supporters an intimate look at the people they serve. This invites the public to be a part of the ambassador’s family, thus becoming a part of the March of Dimes community. When was the last time you turned down the needs of someone in your familial community?

At Harness, clients find similar success through posting “My Impacts” posts and texting donors real time updates on the impact that they are making. You can do this too, by increasing your communication with your donors to let them know personally what their donation has done to further your cause.

Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself

The FEED Foundation created an Instagram countdown to mark their annual FEED Supper Campaign. That’s right, repetitive, consecutive posts reminding their public that they were about to do something big. Countdowns like this help to generate excitement and inspiration to become a part of the good. Fast forward about 2 years and the FEED Foundation is still going strong, the FEED supper is still wildly successful, and the world did not end because of some strategically used repetition.

Our favorite way to use repetition at Harness is through a 30-day campaign. 30 non-consecutive days in which donors are kept updated on current success, and reminded that we recognize and appreciate their support, no matter how small. Countdowns and campaigns are both painless ways for you to remind your donors that you want to keep them engaged.

Give them an easy button

Animal Foundation does this well. One successful way that they generate donations is through twitter, an efficient and innovative means to donate.

Harness clients use our round-ups to make giving painless. With it, donors can make their regular daily purchases and spare change from those purchases are rounded up and donated. Not only does this make giving quick, but donors do not even miss what they have given. Remind your donors that giving can be easy, and give them the tools to make it so.

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