Production Release Highlights: July 16th, 2021

A quick review of what went into our latest production release.

We have released 16 new functional stories/product enhancements and 9 production bug fixes. Please, contact our Customer Success or Product Management team members if you need additional details.

Bug Fixes

  • GraphQL returns incorrect authentication type for WinRM connections.
  • Cannot create secrets via the GraphQL API for custom secrets manager when input variables are required.
  • Delegate Name Changed To Hostname On Restart.
  • Error message ‘task expired, delegate task was never assigned and timed out’.
  • DataDog CV Step hanging.
  • Logs are not getting updated in UI real-time for Winrm Kerberos.
  • If you don’t supply the x-api-key header you get back a 400 (bad request) instead of the expected 401 (unauthorized).
  • Successful HTTP verification step marked as failed (triggering rollback).
  • Improve Error Message: ServiceVariable is null for ID.

Continuous Deployment

  • Support stateful sets for Canary deployment.
  • Add unique CSS identifier for skip rendering checkbox in K8s Apply step.
  • Do not dump the task params for K8s Steps in logs to retain secrets.
  • UI — AWS CloudFormation ability to define Capabilities.
  • Deployment and Manifest History Changes for Helm Chart follow-up.
  • Environment Page changes for Helm Chart follow-up.
  • Service page changes for Helm chart follow-up.
  • Include app manifest name in execution details.
  • Trigger changes to support multiple app manifests (back end).

Continuous Cost Management

  • Change VMPricingService to support GCP custom pricing.
  • Run CLUSTER_DATA_HOURLY_TO_BIG_QUERY only for past 7 days.
  • Budget REST APIs migration to NextGen.
  • Efficiency Score for cluster perspectives.
  • Forecast cost computation perspectives.


  • Increase the log streaming account cache retention time.
  • APIs to handle Delegates, Delegate Scopes.



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