Production Release Highlights: November 12th, 2021

An overview of what went into our latest production release.

We have released 41 new functional stories/product enhancements and 10 production bug fixes.

Production Bug Fixes

  • User Group with LDAP sync not showing all members.
  • Delegate version is showing up as null via API call.
  • ECS Run Task should not allowed/show up as command option for Pre-deployment or Post Deployment Steps in Multi-service workflow (leads -> “Invalid request: Invalid infrastructure type”).
  • Helm Release History task doesn’t set the service ID in the task (does not work with Scopes that have only one Service).
  • Deployment failing but it failed without errors
  • Cloudformation cloud provider not showing up under Infrastructure Provisioners list for Cloudformation despite Secret being scoped to the application for it.
  • UI Error — Configuration Variable value is cleared when creating a new secret.
  • Configuring Jira step resulting in 500 error from Harness API.
  • Resource Limit errors at 20 where the capacity is 50.
  • Allow context variables in emails.

Continuous Deployment

  • Workflow execution: App renaming automation for Basic/Canary deployment.
  • Adopted improvisation for new CD license usage proposal.
  • Fixed: PCF App Name FF while disabled in System remained still Active.
  • Message: Invalid Kubernetes YAML Spec. Error processing YAML manifest.
  • Show Error with Hint/Explanation for nonexistent service in K8s swap services/ K8s Delete.
  • Show Error with Hint/Explanation for invalid format/nonexistent workload in K8s Scale
  • Telemetry for Rollbacks.
  • Restricting Azure access from Manager changes.
  • Upgraded helm binaries.
  • Upgraded kubectl client binaries.
  • Added appId and type to Cloud Formation connector APIs.
  • Audit fixes in the framework for git sync.
  • Changed method to fetch feature flag enabled accountIds.
  • Reduced redundant calls of apps from pipelines list page.
  • Reduced page size of pipelines list page to 5.
  • Increased polling interval for executions page.
  • Integrated realtimeSync and BulkSync.
  • Implemented the POC for schema generation for template linking.
  • Created new TemplateUpdateScope event and publish to audit trail.
  • Added gheck if disable flag works in triggers, and verification it was enabled of artifact streams, resource constraints, approval polling, and setting attributes.
  • Artifact collection feature implementation.


  • Implemented changes for the Encryption and Decryption Phase 1.
  • Removed YAML RBAC feature flag.


  • Fixed: Delegate service is not updated with new YAML for delegate.
  • Moved Create Perpetual Task to GRPC.
  • Read watcher version as argument in docker file.
  • MongoDB Query tuning on perpetualTask.
  • Enhanced delegate registration to include GRPC Ping Pong.
  • Removed feature flag USE_CDN_FOR_STORAGE_FILES.

Continuous Cost Management

  • 0.0 parent resource CPU and resource Instance Billing Hourly.
  • Pricing Service Schema.
  • Perspective feature restriction fix.
  • Handle AWS connector update event in inventory CF.
  • Fixed: CCM CG K8s Simplified Connector Flow Broken.
  • License Utilization — fixed Post-Dated CUR Entries Bug.
  • Exported metrics from the event-service.
  • Budget API updates.
  • Exported metrics from the batch-processing service.
  • Sync ECS cluster for CCM NG connector.
  • OpenAPI spec 3.0 adoption for all the APIs in CCM service.
  • Updated Instance category using CUR report.



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