Production Release Highlights: November 17th, 2021

An overview of what went into our latest production release.

We have released 30 new functional stories/product enhancements and 14 production bug fixes.

Production Bug Fixes

  • Last deploy time on Service Dashboard does not match workflow execution link (does not surface well the instance times from auto scale).
  • Change the Java crypto util library used for Local encryption to a higher-grade library like Amazon Encryption SDK.
  • Support multiple Harness installations with the same SAML identity provider.
  • [Delegate Logs] LoggingException in delegate logs at regular intervals.
  • ClassCastException..Integer… and Boolean error for tracking purposes.
  • “ECS Run Task” command does not show up command list within a Phase for Multi-service (does for Canary).
  • Put deployment text search behind feature flag.
  • New Filter in Deployments Page results in “An error has occurred” message to be displayed.
  • 1 of the Delegates has high CPU.
  • API Secret was exposed.
  • rollbackArtifact is set to null when using multi-service workflow using deployment template.
  • Configuring Jira step resulting in 500 error from Harness API.
  • Deployment Filter URL does not use Time filters.
  • Barrier not being Honored.

Continuous Deployment

  • Rollback execution: App renaming automation during rollback for Basic/Canary deployment.
  • Error Handling FW for Terraform Apply Step.
  • Giving empty values to name and value in config as code for variable overrides in env not showing expected behavior.
  • Fixed: user with admin permissions doesn’t have permission for templates in project.
  • GQL delegate selectors for Artifactory & Nexus.
  • There is a switch between active and inactive that displays on UI when we try to toggle on a window.
  • Fixed Environment drop down for deployment freeze form after service changes.
  • Added appId and type to Cloud Formation connector APIs.
  • Scope Promotion/Demotion handling for templates.
  • Fixed: Runtime input section still shows up after the variable is de-templatized, the pipeline continues to wait as well.
  • OpenAPI spec 3.0 adoption for all the APIs in CD core.
  • Show Active Inactive State of a freeze window on UI on Deployment Summary Page.
  • Indicate whether the freeze window is active or not in the listing page.


  • Created new feature flag helper class to handle FF service on both CG and NG manager.
  • Added support test connection for gitsync to support manager.
  • Added new Secret Key service.
  • Mark Error as resolved when it was resolved from the Harness UI.
  • Improved state drift handling when a webhook event is missed.
  • RBAC Community Edition UI changes.
  • Added entity ID field in frontend for SAML configuration.
  • OpenAPI spec 3.0 adoption for all the APIs in git sync service.


  • Delegate agent announces capabilities when registering.
  • Removed version from watcher calls when delegate and manager running in different versions.
  • Implemented revoking and deleting of tokens.
  • Removed all delegate alerts except when it goes down.
  • Created RH UBI based delegate image with no client tools.

Continuous Cost Management

  • Cost Spike in GCP.
  • BigQuery Cost Issue.
  • Node Recommendation Not available for Azure cloud.
  • OpenAPI spec 3.0 adoption for all the APIs in CCM service.



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