Production Release Highlights: November 3rd, 2021

An overview of what went into our latest production release.

We have released 37 new functional stories/product enhancements and 9 production bug fixes.

Production Bug Fixes

  • GitSync Error fix.
  • Delegate always has high CPU usage.
  • Configuring Jira step resulting in 500 error from Harness API.
  • Deployment Filter URL does not use Time filters.
  • Consistently getting an error when accessing Workflow UI Page.
  • Workflow update from YAML failing.
  • [GraphQL] Pipeline — Workflow — Shell Script — Fails if you run the Pipeline via Custom Trigger (curl).
  • Unable to download artifact.
  • URL pipeline redirect always to the same workflow execution.

Continuous Deployment

  • In CloudFormation infra provisioner populate variable is not supporting template file path with empty spaces and plus symbol.
  • Refactored HelmClientImpl.
  • Handling Null Workload Name in K8s Scale step.
  • Upgraded helm binaries.
  • Updated Apache Santuario in Maven.
  • Added log line to check times for AuthHandler code.
  • Fixed the GitSync update issue from Git to harness flow.
  • Reduced page size of pipelines list page to 5.
  • Populated Template Reference summary on applying templates to pipeline.
  • Added Delegate selectors on the UI for Jira and ServiceNow.
  • Implemented Delegate Selector for SNOW and JIRA Connector and pass Env type as *.
  • Added Custom shell script approval pipeline stage doesn’t give the auto suggestion for built-in variables.
  • Applied deployment tags before the end of deployment execution.
  • Changed UI Add Service under freeze deployment option.
  • Fixed: While cloning the workflow, cursor in workflow name field always move to end.
  • Added Option to define deployment freeze windows at service level.


  • Allow Netty Threads to be configurable for Redis Distributed Lock.
  • Updated AppD EUM library version.
  • Added generic method in encryptor service to support decryption of encrypted entities.
  • Added ConnectorValidationHandler in connectorregistry.
  • Debug backend slowness for users/user-permissions.
  • Fixed “bug” while saving connectivity issues.
  • MongoDB Query tuning on instance.
  • Implemented restricting usage of connectors with invalid YAML.
  • Enhanced the tooltip for stacked bar chart visualization to avoid mis-representation.


  • Moved abortTask to GRPC when DMS on.
  • Fixed UI issues when delegateGroup is not created from UI.
  • Fixed:Git Connector connection failure — Invalid request: RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: com.esotericsoftware.kryo.KryoException: java .
  • Fixed: delegate selection logs not coming with DMS on.
  • Reduced watcher memory from 500mb to possibly 128mb or less.
  • Created RH UBI based delegate image with no client tools
  • OpenAPI spec 3.0 adoption for all the APIs in delegate service.
  • For delegate added init step in the YAML.

Continuous Cost Management

  • Fixed: CCM Currnet-Gen K8s Simplified Connector Flow Broken.
  • Included Tax in AWS cost.
  • Exported metrics from the batch-processing service.
  • OpenAPI spec 3.0 adoption for all the APIs in CCM service.



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