Production Release Highlights: October 14th, 2021

An overview of what went into our latest production release.

We have released 33 new functional stories/product enhancements and 6 production bug fixes.

Production Bug Fixes

  • New delegate image missing JRE.
  • Git Fetch files taking minutes instead of seconds after release.
  • Cloud Provider is missing in Cloud Formation Step.
  • A specific lambda function is failing from harness.
  • Issues while running a pipeline.
  • Ingest K8s namespace labels for CCM.

Continuous Deployment

  • K8s workflow(s) involving GCP connector failing to find eligible delegates.
  • OpenAPI spec 3.0 adoption for all the APIs in CD platform.
  • Cloud formation command unit log is not marked correctly.
  • Updating VMSS Infra def is not used in workflow execution.
  • ECS BG DNS: Rollback fails to Attach Autoscalar to previously Deployed Prod service [Blue].
  • Fixed valid Boolean on apply templates call.
  • Handle omitted runtime inputs in template inputs for get template inputs, validate template inputs, and merge template calls.
  • Triggered by API key link in a WF lands in the users page instead of the API key page.
  • Null pointer exception displayed while adding Azure container registry artifact.
  • Deleting the app is not deleting the event data from the DB.
  • RBAC changes in Templates.
  • Ability to override the deployment freeze window and perform deployments.
  • YAML support for CRUD of events config.
  • Add “enum” to override deployment freeze.


  • Created an API Key programmatically in the GraphQL.
  • Changed notification polling to 5 mins.
  • Fixed: gitsync and other SCM APIs are not working with SSH connector.
  • API resource layer implementation for g2h errors
  • Changed Yaml and connector schema to support `executeOnManager`
  • Implemented error exp service layer.
  • Git Experience Save Error Handling.
  • Integrated the aggregation API provided by the CD team.
  • SAML- Sync UserGroups at all scopes without Inviting User to specific scope.
  • Added support for custom instance sync perpetual task time interval based on account.


  • Moved direct DB ref to svcs.
  • Added ability to add a GRPC ingress rule for all non-versioned delegate communication.
  • Added watcher.jar file in the delegate image.
  • Changed Delegate pod memory to 2.5 GB.

Continuous Cost Management

  • ConcurrentModificationException Metrics Collection.
  • Inventory Management: GCP disks and snapshots.
  • Supporting Business mapping in ViewFieldsDataFetcher.
  • Business Mapping Entity CRUD APIs.

Continuous Verification

  • Customized Metric Threshold Config-as-Code.



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