Production Release Highlights: October 28th, 2021

An overview of what went into our latest production release. We have released 32 new functional stories/product enhancements and 6 production bug fixes.

Production Bug Fixes

  • Delegate download Cleanup issue fixed.
  • CloudFormation cloud provider not showing up under Infrastructure Provisioners list for CloudFormation despite Secret being scoped to the application for it.
  • Shell Script Execution fails from some delegates.
  • ECS Canary Deployment Support. PCF Deployments Broken Due to Service Broker Credentials and Harness Naming Conventions.
  • Spaces not supported as part of Infrastructure Provisioner S3 path.

Continuous Deployment

  • Updated Kustomize Binary.
  • Use optimized file fetch in helm deployments.
  • Fixed: Post Production Rollback for Kubernetes is not working.
  • Support Proxy user for Git connector in GCB remote executions.
  • Correcting input set merged yaml to be passed to template resolution API.
  • Normal execution without templateRef metadata data propagation
  • Fetch stable template version if no version label is provided on linking template
  • Fixed: Unable to create WinRM Kerberos Connection Attribute
  • Create and get OneOfSet annotation from classes.
  • Fixed template inputs validations when there are no runtime inputs in template.
  • Added support for Account Name to be synced to timescale DB as well.
  • Fixed: Rerun of pipeline for frozen env does not display the pop up.
  • Fixed: Confirmation pop up not displayed for Pipeline with runtime inputs (temp env WF).
  • Fixed: “Use this URL for Job Execution” not captured in YAML for a Jenkins Connector.
  • GetBuildsAPI returning 401 which results in clearing token of harness.


  • Making git error experience behind a feature flag.
  • The status api of a bitbucket connector is not working
  • Allow Iterators Thread Pool size to be overridden in Current-Gen Manager Service.
  • Use single instance of Radisson Client inside the service.
  • Reduced logs from GitChangeSetRunnable in Current-Gen and Next-Gen Manager.
  • Allow Current-Gen implementation to be overridden in the services at runtime.
  • Fixed: update account permission bug.
  • Backend: Migration to add the Permission to the User Groups.
  • OpenAPI Spec Adoption for Framework Squad Features.
  • Enforcement Framework — Secret Managers CRUD.
  • Two-step process for deleting a user from the account in case the user exists in Current and Next-Gen versions.


  • Fixed: Failed to update the profile and delegated profiles could not be deleted.
  • Added log lines for assignment logic for negative cases.

Continuous Cost Management

  • GCP Sync Batch Job NPE in Current-Gen.
  • Removed Prefix from new map keys added in PublishedMsg.
  • Enforcement framework — Limit Number of Perspectives.
  • K8s Download yaml, check Permissions.



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