Production Release Highlights: October 6th, 2021

An overview of what went into our latest production release.

We have released 33 new functional stories/product enhancements and 6 production bug fixes.

Production Bug Fixes

  • SAAS Migration Export/Import issue.
  • GraphQL: Incomplete data returned for SSHCredential.
  • Last deploy time on Service Dashboard doesn’t match workflow execution link (doesn’t surface well the instance times from auto scale).
  • Error Handling for GitHub Connector during an invalid URL configuration is not clear.
  • Can’t find Docker Image.
  • Config-As-Code Using REST APIs failing due to the FF: HELM_CHART_AS_ARTIFACT

Continuous Deployment

  • Fixed: Helm workflows are failing with Class is not registered: software.wings.helpers.ext.helm.response.ReleaseInfo Exception.
  • Fixed intermittently issue: Getting workflow is incomplete while adding Custom shell script approval with delegate selector step.
  • Refactored runtime input values validator.
  • Fixed: User trying to create a service via API and it’s failing and throwing error.
  • Fixed: Unable to edit time hour field for a create schedule window.
  • Improved UI for some sections around the service pages.
  • Fixed: Config-as-Code was not working for WinRM Workflow.
  • Updated docker mongo command in Portal documentation.
  • Removed feature flag HELM_CHART_NAME_SPLIT.
  • Fixed: OnPrem delegate fails to download chartmuseum v0.13.0
  • Fixed: Azure Web Application Service UI update created a Manifest folder instead of updating the App Service Settings.
  • Fixed: K8s Delete step fails when target resource doesn’t exist.
  • UT Automation Coverage for package: main/java/io/harness/delegate/task/gcp/helpers
  • Added Access to deployment.yaml to run security scans.
  • Added Access to manifest.yaml
  • Added support ability to ensure that the artifact/manifest that was deployed in Canary Phase is deployed in Primary Phase.


  • Fixed: Inviting a new user to organization/project is currently breaking in e-2-e scenario.
  • Fixed the migration issue in the NextGen-manager.
  • Fetch org details based on list of identifiers.
  • Added OAS3 annotations in the Next-Gen manager.
  • Fixed for OnPrem customers: nextgenenabled is not set for new account creation on signup.


  • Added verification for the delegate image with reduced size.
  • Fixed: some widgets from Delegate tasks (freemium/prod dashboards) are not collecting data.
  • Removed unnecessary fields in delegate YAML.
  • Made delegate tags a property of delegate YAML.
  • Fixed: delegate delete API should fail if delegates are in connected state.
  • Enabled aggregate delegate counts for org & accounts.
  • Reduced the base image size for delegate.

Continuous Cost Management

  • Fixed: API Group in Optimization K8s Validation.
  • License Utilization: made changes to support single table.
  • Fixed: Failing K8S_EVENT due to constraint missing.
  • Migrated gcpServiceAccount collection to events DB.
  • Added Business mapping Entities, DTO layer Setup.

As always, we are here to help, feel free to ask questions in the comments or reach out to our product and support teams if you need help.



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