Production Release Highlights: September 3rd, 2021

An overview of what went into our latest production release.

We have released 21 new functional stories/product enhancements and 1 production bug fix.

Bug Fixes

  • Terraform Provision Apply Git Error.

Continuous Deployment

  • AMI Copy Scheduled Actions from Base ASG to New ASG.
  • Swap Routes and App Renaming Behavior change.
  • Added support of EKS IAM roles in Next-Gen for ECR Artifact.
  • Fixed: user was able to add invalid secret id as value for infra provisioners variables in Workflow through config-as-code.
  • App-Telemetry: Expressions and secrets passed in headers in event rules are not getting resolved.
  • The new filter in Application permission and Workflow RBAC.
  • UI Changes for adding new permission.
  • GCB: GCB doesn’t load on UI when the build specification type is trigger.
  • UI: Unique CSS selectors required on the Deployments screen, in case of SHELL SCRIPT deployments modal.


  • Added UI support for a Boolean flag in LdapSettings — useRecursiveGroupSearch (default:true).
  • Recursive Group Search should be optional based on configuration.
  • Added Delegate Support for Custom Secrets Manager in Current-Gen product.
  • Added resource and service layer for PerpetualTaskScheduleConfig.
  • Fixed: Invite flow broken for SCIM invitation.
  • Added expose APIs for Custom Dashboards for collecting metrics.


  • Fixed the connected-ratio-with-primary API to accommodate patch version.
  • Fixed version in delegate heartbeat for Polling enabled delegates.
  • Added persistence tracer module config to DMS.
  • Updated primary version to support patch versions.
  • Added check watcher upgrade and limit the watcher version to match certain regular expression.

Continuous Cost Management

  • Added Index for Kubernetes_utilization_data and move NODE_RECOMMENDATION to new Bucket.
  • Reduce logging for textPayload Change Data Capture Service.

As always, we are here to help, feel free to ask questions in the comments or reach out to our product and support teams if you need help.



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