Harnick Kang on Europe’s Clean Car Movement

The “clean-diesel” movement that began in the 1990s suffered a critical blow in 2015 in the wake of the Volkswagen scandal.

Harnick Kang is an outspoken advocate for electric vehicles.

The scandal involved the use of software in diesel-powered VW vehicles that would enable them to cheat on U.S. emission tests. EU residents and regulatory bodies lost faith in diesel as a clean fuel source and have begun to focus their attention on a new, greener fuel source for cars: electricity.

Among the most outspoken advocates of electric vehicles is Harnick (Harneck) Kang, a London property developer and proud environmentalist. “There’s a revolution coming,” says Kang, himself an owner of an electric vehicle. While there are still a few kinks to work out in terms of charging station density and charging time, there’s no question that Europe has taken the first steps towards an electric car future.

Car manufacturers like Tesla are gaining ground with each passing day and are completely changing the way that we think about electric-powered vehicles. Kang drives his Tesla Model 3 to work every day and couldn’t be happier with the performance the vehicle delivers. Many electric vehicles are able to travel distances previously thought impossible by electric cars. Just last week a Tesla Model 3 was driven for almost 1,000km on a single charge!

Harnick Kang — the future belongs to the electric vehicle.

Even VW realizes that the future belongs to the electric vehicle. The car manufacturer is currently pursuing new clean energy technologies and, by 2025, they’re hoping to sell around three million electric vehicles per year. While consumers’ trust in the company has been severely damaged, Harnick (Harnek) Kang stresses that people should give them a second chance.

In defense of the company, Kang often points to their long history of producing trustworthy vehicles and being upfront with their customers.

Tesla and Elon Musk

According to Kang, Elon Musk and his company, Tesla, are exactly what Europe needs right now. The company designs and manufactures electric vehicles exclusively. While the company’s financial situation has recently been called into question, the fact remains that, in terms of electric car production, Tesla’s innovation is unparalleled.

Harnick Kang — Elon Musk and his company, Tesla, are exactly what Europe needs right now.

Manufacturer Shifts Towards Electric

It’s not just Tesla that’s making waves in the automotive industry with their electric vehicles. Luxury car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi are also hopping on the electric car train, so to speak.

Mercedes is currently developing a compact electric car to be launched in Europe in 2022. BMW has already launched two i models that are exclusively electric. Harnick (Harnek) Kang loves his Tesla but would love to get his hands on the BMW i8 at some point in the future. Audi, as well, is in the process of developing an electric supercar.

It’s not just the luxury brands that Kang is interested in, however. Car companies like Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, and Kia have all recently taken steps towards electric. Kang claims that in order for electric vehicles to gain a more prominent following they will have to become more affordable to the general population, a task left up to the non-luxury brands listed above.

While there’s still a long way to go with electric-powered vehicles, Harnick Kang is eager to see what the future has in store.