Harnick Kang’s Travel Tips and Tricks

Travel Tips from a Veteran Flyer & Business Management Expert

Harnick Kang is a travel enthusiast, and frequently takes time to recuperate from running his business & “sharpen his saw”.

Harnick Kang, also known as Harnek Kang, is a travel enthusiast who’s been travelling for most of his adult life. When he’s able to get some time away from his property development business, Kang packs up his suitcase and flies off to his next destination. Over the years, Kang has come up with some essential tips for anyone who likes to travel:

Pack Light

One of the most common mistakes that Kang notices among inexperienced travellers is in their packing habits. He so often sees travellers with suitcases packed to the brim with clothing for every possible eventuality. Harnick likes to travel light if he can. Wearing something more than once on a vacation is totally acceptable and if you really badly need an extra item of clothing you can always pick something up from a local shop. If you learn how to travel light, you can sometimes even get away with only travelling with a carry-on bag!

Always Have Copies of Your Passport and Travel Documents

If you ever lose your passport while on vacation it can be a massive headache. While it will still be frustrating to get a new one, the process will be expedited greatly if you have a photocopy of the original. Also, it doesn’t hurt to email scans of the documents to yourself so that you can access them digitally as well!

Harnick Kang — In today’s tech-driven society, finding WiFi in a must while travelling.

Find the Free Wi-Fi

Many hotels now offer complimentary Wi-Fi but if you want to avoid costly data charges from your cell phone carrier, it’s a good idea to know where you can find internet for free. Starbucks, libraries, and many cafes and coffeehouses generally offer free Wi-Fi. If you have to consult your phone for directions, Kang stresses that it’s a massive money-saver to do it from a location where you have internet access. Starbucks can be found on pretty much every street corner now so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one you can quickly pop into.

Book Flights in Advance

If there’s one thing Harnick Kang believes in it’s preparation (and saving money). In order to get the best price on your flight, Kang advises that you book it at least three months in advance. In depends on the airline and the destination that you wish to travel to, but you’ll generally pay a lot more when you book last minute.

Don’t Plan Every Last Detail

While it’s wise to create a general itinerary for your trip, Kang always likes to let days unfold with a small degree of spontaneity and unpredictability. Sometimes the best vacation experiences come from spur-of-the-moment decisions and last-minute changes in plan. Be open to whatever comes your way!

Talk to Locals

Locals will be more familiar with the place you’re visiting than anyone else. It never hurts to ask where a good restaurant is or where you can find a nice view. Chances are, they’ll know some great places that the travel brochures didn’t mention. Plus, it’s always nice to find a place to eat that isn’t packed with other tourists.