Me v The Police: What’s in it for me?

I’m Harry. @HarryTheOwl . You may remember that I got into some bother for retweeting a limerick back in January when PC Gul rang me at Tesco. I suppose I could have simply enjoyed the ride of gaining a bunch of new Followers. Or framed the press cuttings to show my grandchildren (if ever we get there!) about a moment of hairy arsed glory in the Great Gender Wars. But that was never going to be enough for me.

I’ve always railed against injustice, though rarely in a social-warrior type of way. That said, when injustice has come to my door, or I’ve seen it in the street, its never been my nature to simply look the other way. Ask my wife. I have the scars to prove it.

Credit where it’s due. It was my wife who turned my gaze toward this nonsense, reading me snippets about women being silenced in favour of privileged men colonising their spaces. ‘Mark my words,’ she’d warn, grabbing my attention during the Half Time ads. ‘This is the latest form of misogyny. No good will come of it.’

I’m not sure when my peak trans moment was but I think it came about with the ‘transwomen are women’ mantra. ‘Of course they are not’, I objected, realising this wasn’t the punchline to an existential joke. ‘Told you,’ said Mrs Owl, as my protests fell on deaf ears.

My fight in earnest began. I started tweeting the hell out of it. Things turned sinister with the call from PC Gul. He told me I had committed no crime by retweeting a limerick which, quite correctly, observed that a transwoman’s hormones are synthetic. That their breasts are made of silicone. That their vagina goes nowhere… observations lyrically made by the feminist singer/songwriter, Ali Bee.

‘I need to check your thinking,’ warned the earnest copper. I might lose my job! I need to stop tweeting. He gives me a biology lesson: ‘Sometimes, in the womb, a female brain accidentally pushes out the wrong body parts and that’s what being trans is.’ He should know. He’s been on a course.

Worse. I am now a Hate Incident statistic. A statistic which, according to The College of Policing Guidelines, requires neither crime, nor incident nor any evidence of hate whatsoever. Remember what I said about injustice?

I complained, not about hapless PC Gul, but about the training, the supervision, the ideology driving this bullshit. ACC Young doubled down, publicly linking me with Hate and Transphobia and sternly warning me not to do it again. Whatever it was I was doing. (The evidence is being withheld.)

In March, Inspector Wilson called. I explained that I was taking part in lawful discussion. He explained that my views were upsetting some people.

‘But how do I say that I do not believe transwomen are women?’ I asked.

‘Now, why would you want to say that?’ was his reply.

A PC. An Inspector. An Assistant Chief Constable. Each warning me not to engage in lawful political debate. This is coercion.This is illegal. This is in clear breach of our Article 10 ECHR rights.

What is fascinating is that the police are doing this because they are instructed to do so by their governing body. The College of Policing’s Guidelines are illegal and I cannot look away.

After the calls and public doxxing, my wife left Twitter. She’s kick ass as they come and the bravest woman I know but they got to her. They tried it with Maggie Nelson. With Posie. With Kate Scottow. With Caroline Farrow. With the women at Accenture and countless others.

The system is rotten. The Guidance is rotten. And so we demand the following:

  1. That Humberside Police expunge the Hate Statistic and undertake to cease their illegal interference and coercion.
  2. That The College of Policing immediately withdraws its illegal Guidelines.

If they don’t comply, we will seek a Judicial Review. We’ll win. And then who will the TRAs have to do their heavy-handed bidding?

Anyway, back to the original question. What’s in it for me? Nothing. Nothing but my conscience and the need to be one of the good men amongst far too many rotten ones.

With Rob Jessel, @ManFRIDAY_ and a whole bunch of others, we’ve set up WeAreFairCop We’ve launched a Crown Justice campaign because this is going to cost a fortune. Please donate if you are able.