Is Webflow Worth Learning?

Before you start learning webflow, you need to make sure that you understand what webflow is all about.

Every designer & developer today knows about the no-code movement and all the no-code web-development tools like WordPress, Squarespace, Editor X, Wix, etc. These tools allow us to create websites lightning fast without extensive knowledge of web programming. Similar to WordPress, Webflow is also a no-code tool used to create websites.

Why consider using Webflow?

This blog attends to that question. Let’s get into it…

01. Webflow is not just a template-based development tool

Image credit: webflow

Webflow is a visual web development tool used by designers, developers, and marketers to build custom websites without the use of extensive code knowledge.

02. Webflow has a learning curve

Image credit: webflow (finsweet)

Webflow’s learning curve is steep. If you are from different backgrounds such as designers, marketers, etc, you will find it rather more difficult to use for a few weeks since you need to learn the fundamentals of the web- like box model, grid, flexbox, and other CSS properties.

03. Webflow has certain limitations to it

Image credit: webflow

Webflow has certain limits.

It supports:
● 10,000 CMS items
● 100 Static pages

It doesn’t support:
● User login/ membership functionality (Only available for beta users right now)
● No multi-language website
● Complex CMS based filtering (Only available from third party agencies like finsweet)

04. Webflow is the future

Image credit: webflow

Webflow is going to be a generalized tool where you will be able to create membership/subscription-based, e-commerce, and static/dynamic websites.

Want to learn webflow?
Start here: Learn web design with free video courses and tutorials | Webflow University

Until next time 👋
Maitrik Makwana



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