A characterless story

There is a special thing about stories that I personally love the most. A story where no time is wasted defining the characters. Yet, you end up knowing the character. Not only that, some choices make you judge it to a point where you lose faith in them. But, the next moment of the story makes you love them even more for doing what they did.

It’s weird to define such characters. It’s more about their role in the story than their nature. And when their role portrays their values, views, ideas, it just melts my heart!

If there’s one talent that I want to have then it is to write stories like that. That’s the real craft of storytelling. No definition given about the character at the beginning but you discover it entirely by the end of the story. Stories like that are beautifully genius.

If you are one of those people who can write like that, I love and envy you. If you’re not, let’s go sit in the losers section and hope to become better someday.