Random Learnings

  1. Most things in life are quite simple.
  2. Don’t think about planning your future so much that you forget to live today.
  3. Everybody has their own war with life. It’s upon you to make peace with it or pull out the swords.
  4. Modernization taught us that escape isn’t wrong. And everybody has a way to escape today. So, if you’re stuck and can’t find a way out, it’s probably because you want to be stuck there.
  5. The destination of life is death. So make sure you have a happy journey.
  6. Give yourself a break from problems. Then come back stronger and face them better.
  7. The only constant of/in life is change.
  8. Cherish moments, memories, feelings, knowledge, people more than materialistic possessions.
  9. Home is where your family is. Not where your apartment is.
  10. Stop caring so much about what others think of you that you don’t even consider what you think of yourself.