Block Crafters Capital: Introducing a Key Partner of HaruBank

Dec 9, 2019 · 4 min read

Many of you have wondered and asked us who’s behind the scene and operate HaruBank. So, here we are to answer some of those questions. In this post, we would like to introduce a key partner of HaruBank.

Introducing Block Crafters Capital

HaruBank was launched by Block Crafters, a trusted digital asset service provider with a strong track record. Block Crafters’ core services include digital asset banking and crypto fund. It also provides a blockchain media service, an extensive acceleration program for startups, and an integrated marketing strategy.

Among its subsidiary, Block Crafters Capital (hereafter, “BCC”) is a crypto hedge fund based in Singapore. BCC has joined a HaruBank network as its primary partner. BCC has built its reputation through its high-performing crypto fund over the last two years. Established in March 2018, BCC formed its first fund in April 2018. There are four different types of investment strategies implemented in the BCC fund: ICO (Early Stage Investment), System Trading, Active Trading, and Quant Trading. Each approach helps us to diversify our investment technique and thus minimize the risk stemming from market volatility.

Project Highlights in BCC Portfolio

Let us introduce some of the project highlights in BCC’s portfolio. Block Crafters Capital has invested in over 30 blockchain projects working on security, social network, mainnet, gaming, cosmetics, auto industry, P2P, Dapp, PG, and CDN — areas on which blockchain technology may have a colossal impact.

The projects in the BCC portfolio have proven success over the last 2 years. The market cap of cryptocurrencies issued by these projects sums up to nearly US$70 million.

Strong Track Record of Block Crafters Capital

To give you a glimpse of BCC’s strong track record, a graph below shows you a total cumulative return on the principal of Block Crafters Capital Fund. Note that all value was evaluated in ETH. Since its launch, the fund has shown a double-digit return on principal within the first two quarters. In 2019, the return has shown a significant growth to 270%. Many projects included in the BCC portfolio were listed in major cryptocurrency exchanges with a fair valuation during the first quarter of 2019. Despite the brutal ‘crypto winter,’ the BCC fund has steadily shown excellent performance.

HaruBank and Block Crafters Capital

HaruBank is operated by crypto professionals in Block Crafters. Block Crafters manages the overall deposits flow of HaruBank — starting from the user’s account to institutional loan and institutional asset management pool. HaruBank is well aware of how important it is to build solid trust with our users. Along with our asset management partners around the world — based in the United States, Singapore, and Japan — we believe BCC’s reputation as a trusted crypto fund will also help us earn your trust. HaruBank looks forward to serving more clients as the most trusted service that puts our clients first. We’re ready to take crypto banking services to a whole new level. So, stay tuned!

About HaruBank

HaruBank is the trusted crypto savings and deposits service provider. We offer over 10% interest rate on cryptocurrency savings and up to 15% for monthly deposits of BTC, ETH, USDT, and Terra KRT. What we offer aims to shift a paradigm of investment in cryptocurrency — investment in crypto can be stable and comfortable, too. Keep your crypto asset smart.

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