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HaruBank Isn’t Your Typical Bank: Here’s Why

aruBank was founded with a simple idea: crypto can be a profitable yet low-risk investment. Many have thought the only feasible way to invest in a crypto is to trade.

A familiar scenario in the crypto market with volatility would be something like this: you go to crypto exchanges with your money, buy crypto and hold it until you panic as the market starts to crumble. Well, now is the time to shift your idea of investing in crypto. HaruBank offers you a service that changes the crypto roller-coaster ride into a stable, comfy one.

When Crypto Meets Banking Service

There are three types of banking services for the digital asset, a category that includes cryptocurrency: Deposit, Loan, and Credit. These three functions are also the three pillars of the finance industry. Among these three, HaruBank currently offers a deposit service to our users. Yes, providing loans and credit services as well would be great. However, we believe a solid foundation of any banking services comes from the deposit.

The deposit becomes a source of loans and creates a credit of an individual. Also, the unmet needs of crypto holders and investors put significant restrictions on what you can do with your crypto as a form of asset. There is little option to do with crypto other than holding it or trading it. We thus decided to focus on taking one solid step at a time. Let us break down services offered by HaruBank.

What We Offer

At HaruBank, we offer you two types of savings options. HaruBank account enables you to earn over 10% annual interest rate on any crypto savings without any lock-up period. What is even better is that the interest of HaruBank account compounds daily — meaning that the longer you stay at HaruBank, the more you earn. We fully understand the time-sensitive nature of cryptocurrency. At HaruBank, there is no need to lock up your crypto to earn high interest. You can deposit and withdraw your crypto at any time.

However, if you are aiming for an even higher interest rate, take a look at our monthly deposit. With a simple 1-month lock-up period, you can earn over 12% of the annual interest rate on your crypto. You can renew your monthly deposit until you want to withdraw it. The interest of monthly deposits also compounds daily. Here is a brief summary of our interest rates on different cryptocurrencies:

It’s Time for a Paradigm Shift in Crypto Investment

What we offer is more than just a bank account or deposits: it is a paradigm shift in crypto investment. Crypto investment does not have to be extremely risky or completely static.

On the graph of investment risk and expected return, cryptocurrency has always been on the top right corner. Many believe there should be more options that turn crypto into low/medium risk & return investment. HaruBank would like to offer you risk-free crypto savings and deposits to serve such belief. Welcome to HaruBank, where you don’t trade but just earn.

About HaruBank

HaruBank is the trusted crypto savings and deposits service provider. We offer over 10% interest rate on cryptocurrency savings and up to 15% for monthly deposits of BTC, ETH, USDT, and Terra KRT. What we offer aims to shift a paradigm of investment in cryptocurrency — investment in crypto can be stable and comfortable, too. Keep your crypto asset smart.

Official Website: www.harubank.com

Question? support@harubank.com

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