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HaruBank supports your crypto through the COVID-19

With a recent outbreak of COVID-19 throughout the world and its impact on the global economy, the crypto market has experienced one of the most severe, if not the most, volatility in history.

In this post, our team would like to share a short note with you regarding how HaruBank has dealt with this challenging time and kept our business on track and running successfully.

Many of our users might wonder if our service is intact during this market downturn so that the interest payment will remain constant. And our answer to that question is simple: No problem.

The turmoil in the crypto market is not new to us. The ‘Bitcoin Crash’ is not the first we have witnessed, nor will it be the last, which makes several years of experience in the crypto market of our partners more valuable than ever.

The crypto market downturn does not necessarily lead to a decline in profit. The efficient asset management strategy starts with diversification.

HaruBank has a solid partnership with seven different crypto asset management companies around the world with long successful track records. Their strategy has proven to be efficient and extremely profitable when leveraging a highly volatile market. The average return from some of our partners nearly doubled within the last few weeks.

The recent market turmoil has been a ‘stress test’ for many crypto financial services, including HaruBank — and we passed the test. Over 97% of our clients kept their deposits at HaruBank without making a withdrawal, and the new deposit amount has increased by 12% within the last few weeks compared to that of February 2020.

We will continue to do our best to provide clients with a stable service. Stay strong and healthy.


HaruBank Team

About HaruBank

HaruBank is the trusted crypto savings and deposits service provider. We provide over 10% interest rates on cryptocurrency savings and up to 15% for monthly deposits of BTC, ETH, USDT, and KRT. What we offer aims to shift a paradigm of investment in cryptocurrency — investment in crypto can be stable and comfortable, too. Keep your crypto asset smart.

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