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The better way to HODL? With up to 17% APR, only at Haru Invest.

Say goodbye to hibernating during this bear season and hello to the better way to HODL, just in time for spring.

From March 17–31, we’re offering up to 17% APR on Haru Earn Plus investments when you lock up for 90 days or more!

An extra 2% APR will be automatically applied for all Earn Plus lockups over 90 days!

To earn more :

  • Create a Haru Invest account (if you’re a new investor)
  • Lock up your investment for 90 days or more with Haru Earn Plus
  • Watch your crypto grow!

This special offer is available for both new and existing investors, so lock up your investments now and enjoy a fresh start to the season–with more earnings.


Promotion Rules

  • Period: Mar. 17, 2022 00:00:00 — Mar. 31, 2022 23:59:59 (UTC)
  • Additional 2% APR to be applied to lockups over 90 days
  • Only applies to Earn Plus lockups over 90 days
  • There is no minimum or maximum amount of deposit(s)
  • There is no maximum number of Earn Plus lockups (you can lock up as many as you want)
  • If your Earn Plus lockup is auto-renewed during this promo period, promo earn rates will be applied



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