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Claim Your Vested $FARM

You might be eligible to claim vested $FARM if you farmed with Harvest.

Dear Farmers,

Harvest started vesting FARM tokens on week 41 (early Jun 2021), and as the first vested FARM tokens have become available, we are releasing an official UI page for users to claim them.

👉 Claim your vested $FARM here: vest.harvest.finance


Why the page shows $iFARM instead of $FARM?
The vested amounts are all converted into iFARM so that farmers wouldn’t be missing out on yield if they decide not to claim them just yet.

You can always swap your $iFARM for $FARM or other ERC-20 on the open market or withdraw it to $FARM via the Profit-Sharing farm at Harvest.

Why can’t I claim any vested $FARM?
There are three possible reasons for this:

  • You didn’t utilise any farm with vested $FARM rewards
  • You might not be eligible to claim $FARM just yet as they have 6-month linear vesting (e.g. you started farming in WETH vault in late September 2021, so you will be eligible to claim your first batch of $FARM tokens in late Feb 2022)
  • You are using the wrong wallet

I’ve participated in many vaults with vested $FARM, and there’s only one button to claim $FARM, why?
The numbers are aggregated across vaults/pools for users so that people could claim them in one transaction, saving gas.

Do I need to claim the rewards anytime soon?
There’s no deadline to claim your vested $FARM tokens. Users don’t need to claim the rewards for each week, one could wait until there are enough rewards to claim or when gas fees are low.

What vaults received vested $FARM rewards?
All the Uniswap V3 vaults (including inactive ones) & WETH on Ethereum Mainnet.



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