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Farming With Harvest Just Got 4x Easier with Zapper — Full Beginner Guide

Dear Farmers,

Deploying your assets to Harvest can sometimes be confusing, especially if the farming strategy involves multiple tokens.

Each additional step on user’s journey to make a deposit can be discouraging, therefore lowering the overall conversion (think deposit) rate.

We are excited to see Zapper integrating a broad set of Harvest’s farming strategies, enabling users to put their assets to work with a fairly reduced amount of steps required.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look into the integration, following up with a tutorial on how to use Zapper to make your farming a lot easier.

4x Easier

Till now, the user had to experience the following journey to farm with Harvest:

  1. Get token A
  2. Get token B
  3. Pool A & B
  4. Receive LP Token
  5. Deposit that LP Token at Harvest
  6. Stake LP Token

That’s six steps without mentioning all these Wallet pop-outs to confirm a transaction or pay gas. The following guide cuts nearly all the steps above.

Starting with Zapper

Zapper is a full suite platform for all sorts of DeFi activities.

To farm with Harvest at ease, head to zapper.fi/dashboard and look for Vaults in the menu.

Yes, the Vaults section is the correct one and not Farm as the name would suggest

Once you land on zapper.fi/vaults, head over to the search field and type ‘Harvest’ to see the whole list of supported vaults.

And voilà!

At the moment, there are 8 pages full of Harvest’s vaults at your disposal.

Please note that it’s not every Harvest’s vault as Zapper doesn’t automatically pull the newest ones yet.

We are working on our SDK to change that!

Seeing all those sweet farmlands makes you wonder which one to go for.

While we are in no position to make these suggestions, for the purpose of this tutorial we will enter the ETH / USDT one visible on the list below.

Hit the Deposit button and you’ll be presented with the following window:

This window enables you to make a direct deposit into the ETH / USDT strategy with a single token.

A single token deposit means that you don’t have to manually dig for USDT/ETH LP token at SushiSwap as zapper does that for you.

Zapper automatically detects tokens in your wallet and allows you to make a deposit using any of them. Simply unroll ▼ next to ETH to see your list.

As for settings, you should be all set with default ones if you are just starting out with Zapper.

Does everything look good?

Let’s hit confirm.

Note: You might encounter this notification if you deploy in less popular (therefore less liquid) vaults (FYI it’s not unique to just Harvest but any defi protocol).

In this case, you want to get back to the Deposit window and increase Slippage Tolerance by 1–2%

Let’s hit Confirm!

A Metamask window should pop out asking you to make a deposit.

Gas fees are high these days, indeed!

What makes the gas fee high in general is that zapper does multiple actions and puts them in one transaction for you to sign.

Once your Metamask notifies you about a successful transaction, head over to the Farm section in the sidebar menu

Take a look at the Farming Opportunities section.

We can now see Harvest’s f token — proof that you’ve made a deposit of funds to Harvest. In this case, that’s fSLP ETH/USDT.

It’s already bringing you ROI but it’s not leveraging Harvest’s compounding & rewards at this point. This token needs to be staked to unleash its full yield-earning potential.

Hit stake right next to it and Approve the token first.

We don’t make the rules — this is how Ethereum is built to make sure no smart contract does malicious things with your funds. If you are doing this action for a specific token for the first time, this is what you’ll face.

Let your Metamask process the Approval

Once approved, there will be only the Confirm button left for you to click:

Hit confirm and let Zapper do the job!

Once staked, you’ll see your position on the Yield Farming list.

Here, you can Unstake to pull out your funds completely or hit Claim to collect your earned fees, rewards — all that in form of a $FARM token. Hitting claim does not withdraw your initial deposit.

Happy farming with Zapper!




Your hard work is about to become easier with Harvest 🚜 It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

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