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Harvest Gives $8,000 Back to Yeomen Who Brought In the Bancor Deal

Giving back to the people who make things happen

Dear Farmers,

It’s no secret that Harvest is all about giving back to the people. After all, Harvest is community-driven, and it rewards those who expand our farmlands.

Today, Harvest rewarded its three brave Yeomen (think: biz ops) who made the collaboration with Bancor happen. These men went through all the nitty-gritty details and obstacles for this collaboration to come to fruition.

In total, 10% of the BNT Harvest has farmed with its liquidity on Bancor were transferred to the three Yeomen. That’s around $8,000 at today’s BNT token price levels.

♋ The Council of 69 — Investment Syndicate

You don’t have to be Harvest’s Yeomen to leverage its entity.

It’s not the first time Harvest rewards its community members for bringing profitable deals to the table.

Meet Harvest’s Council of 69 — a channel on Harvest’s Discord where anyone can tune in and drop their collaboration proposals.

From there, it will be discussed by community members to see if the proposal can benefit Harvest’s ecosystem in any way. If the proposal manages to go through the difficult checklists of our farmers, it’s likely for it to go into motion.

Previous deals brought by the commune:

  • $50K in Perpetual Protocol
  • $50K in Benchmark
  • $50K in AP Wine
  • $15K in Babylon Finance

In a liquidity event, 10% of the gains are rewarded to the Farmer who brought in the deal. The Council looks mainly for projects that haven’t been released yet.

Got a good deal for Harvest to invest in? Tune into our Discord to pitch for your 10% cut.



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