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Harvest Integrates Coinbase Wallet

Enabling millions of new users to connect with Harvest

Dear Farmers,

We are excited to inform you that you can now connect to Harvest with the comfort of your Coinbase Wallet.

As more people seek Metamask alternatives, integrating Coinbase Wallet was a natural step for Harvest to make farmers’ lives easier and more accessible.

Moreover, since the $FARM listing on Coinbase earlier this year, this integration now gives fresh farmers a reason to move their funds from Coinbase Exchange to Coinbase Wallet.

From there, they are just a few clicks away from putting their assets to work at Harvest.

Get Coinbase Wallet for your browser

⚠️ Notes:

If you have MetaMask already installed in your browser, you might not see Coinbase Wallet as an option when connecting a Wallet to Harvest.

When using Chrome or Opera, disable MetaMask while using Coinbase Wallet in order to see it on the list.

Happy farming!



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