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Harvest Launches Auto-Compounding Vault for $LOOKS

Looks rare.

Farmers, it’s time to start your L1 tractors as new fertile farmland has just landed in our Ethereum section!

The $LOOKS token is one of the hottest topics right now in the Web3 space, and we are bringing you the new vault to capitalize on this opportunity.

How to start:

  1. Provide Liquidity in the $ETH-$LOOKS pool at Uniswap V2 (direct link)
  2. Open Harvest and deposit your Uniswap receipt in the following box:

3. Enter the amount of uni_LOOKS_ETH tokens you’d like to deposit or hit Max to deploy them all.

4. Hit Deposit, confirm the transactions, and you’ll see the number of unstaked funi_LOOKS_ETH.

5. The last step from here is to hit Stake All and approve the transactions to be eligible for all the rewards.

Happy Yield Farming!



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