Harvest Launches New Yield-Boosting Farming Section for Camelot V2 LPs

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2 min readJun 6, 2023


We are thrilled to launch DeFi’s first farms on top of CamelotDEX pools 🤝

Back in May 2023, Harvest joined Camelot as a Round Table member and kickstarted the liquidity pool for the flagship $iFARM.

Since then, we’ve been studying closely Camelot’s infrastructure to deliver the first-ever farms for Camelot’s LPs.

Starting today, Harvest’s battle-tested vault setup supports the unique $xGRAIL vault implementation that amplifies yield for LPs.

Dive in: app.harvest.finance/camelot

Get started now and supercharge your yield of:

To highlight this collaboration, all users can now easily access the Camelot page via a dedicated button in the main filters area.

How to get started?

Harvest is now exploring the addition of other pools for the Camelot section.

Keep an eye on our Twitter & Discord announcements!

Disclaimer: Before using our platform, make sure you understand how APY & APR are calculated across Harvest farms. Click here to learn more.

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