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Harvest Recap: #1 | January 2022

Vaults, ATHs & even more vaults.

Psst. Did you notice anything?

Welcome to the first recap of 2022.

This year, we are changing the title format from ‘Week X’ to numbers alongside the month & year for better navigation.

We hope you took a well-deserved rest during the past few weeks and a ready to rock in 2022 🥂

Read our 2021 recap & 2022 outlook in case you’ve missed it.

Now, let’s see what we’ve cooked in the first week of 2022. Note that a few vaults have been launched around the x-mas time but announced in the new year.

  1. Balancer: BTC Vault
  2. Curve Finance Vault ft. Convex
  3. $FARM Emissions Update
  4. GNOMES Vaults
  5. 5. New TVL ATH for Idle Finance Vaults
  6. AMA With Babylon Finance
  7. $FARM Buybacks at Bancor in 2021

1. Balancer: BTC Vault

Jan 3 — A new Balancer vault launched in our Polygon section. This makes it the fourth vault powered by Balancer and we are happy to see more than $2M TVL across all of them.

This vault allows farmers to put their Balancer LP token to work by first providing liquidity to Balancer’s WBTC:renBTC vault and later deploying the received LP token at Harvest->Polygon->Balancer:BTC.

Twitter announcement

Worth noting that our fruitful collaboration with Balancer keeps strengthening:

2. Curve Finance Vault ft. Convex

Jan 4— One day later, Harvest revealed its other vault on the Etherum Network (L1) built upon Curve’s pool.

The vault is auto-harvesting $CRV & $CVX rewards and topped with sweet $iFARM in an auto-compounding manner.

Twitter Announcement

3. $FARM Emissions Update

Jan 5 — It’s been a while since the last time we’ve dropped the news $FARM Emissions.

But don’t worry, our humble farmers & builders are back to keep you updated on the latest $FARM emissions. Now, here’s the chart for week 71:

Full post for the week 71

See previous FARM Emission updates covered by Harvest’s mod Yogafire

$FARM Emissions Week 70

$FARM Emissions Week 69

4. GNOMES Vaults

Jan 6 — Another day, another batch of vaults. This time a newcomer to our farmlands, straight from GenomesDAO.

Our farmers can get their feet wet with a biotech DAO while enjoying sweet APY on their assets.

Explore the following vaults in our Polygon section:


🍰 Topped with $WMATIC, $GNOME & $iFARM Rewards

Twitter announcement

5. New TVL ATH for Idle Finance Vaults

Jan 6 — Our friends at Idle Finance saw $3M TVL across their vaults in our Polygon section.

We are happy to see the organic growth of these vaults as they allow farmers to put one of the most popular cryptos — $ETH, $USDC & $DAI to work rather than having them sit idle in the wallet.

6. AMA With Babylon Finance

Jan 7 — Today, we’ve held an AMA with the Founder of Babylon Finance, Ramon & his team in our Discord. We’ve seen around 50 users tuning in to hear about Babylon, their vault at Harvest & our upcoming integration with garden.

Read our previous ventures with Babylon here & here.

7. $FARM Buybacks at Bancor in 2021

Jan 7 — We did some math and calculated the number of tokens bought back at Bancor in 2021. The number of ~25,380 $FARM tokens worth ~$4.2M has been repurchased on the open market.

A reminder that this purchasing power comes from Harvest’s share in profits from all farmlands, which are then funneled back to $FARM stakers in our Profit-Sharing Pool.

Harvest pointed its buyback mechanism at Bancor in mid-2021 to repurchase $FARM at the best prices.

Here’s to 2022 🥂 and beyond.




Your hard work is about to become easier with Harvest 🚜 It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

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