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Harvest Recap #2 | January 2022

Milestones — Binance — APWine — New Vaults

Dear Farmers, another fruitful week has passed. We’ve celebrated milestones accompanied by big, round numbers that make other Web3 projects jealous.

In addition to that, the world-class Binance exchange brought us a set of features for our $FARM token. We are more than happy to see Binance adding $FARM across its products as it signals its healthy trading volumes.

Let’s dig into it!

  1. $200M milestone in gas fees saved
  2. $LOOKS vault goes live
  3. 500 days of Harvest
  4. Binance adds FARM/ETH pair
  5. Binance adds FARM to its Recurring Buy feature
  6. Calling Farmers to Vote on APWine!
  7. FARM Emissions Week 72

1. $200M Milestone in Gas Fees Saved

Jan 10 —Harvest surpasses $200M in total gas fees saved for its farmers since its inception. ⛽

Twitter Post

2. $LOOKS vault goes live

Jan 11 — The $LOOKS token made a lot of noise this week, with Looksrare beating Opensea’s volume.

Harvest’s builders were quick to act and deployed a vault for the $LOOKS token the next day after the token’s launch.


3. 500 days of Harvest

Jan 12 marks 500 days of Harvest, making Harvest one of the longest-term DAOs in the Web3 space. We are proud to say that longevity & profitability are Harvest’s core principles.

Give a read to our 2021 recap & 2022 outlook to know what to expect in the next 500 days and beyond!

4. Binance adds FARM/ETH pair

Jan 13 — Binance announces the addition of FARM/ETH trading pair to its main exchange. The pair went live on Jan 14 at 9:00 AM UTC.

Today, farmers & traders can trade $FARM in pair with $USDT/$BTC/$BUSD & $BNB.

This addition is a sign that $FARM’s trading volumes are healthy, and Binance is happy to list it in pair with other popular assets.

5. Binance adds FARM to its Recurring Buy feature

Jan 13 — To our surprise, alongside the addition of the FARM/ETH pair, binance announced that its users can now set recurring $FARM buys.

Users can now automate their $FARM purchases on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

What’s more, users can buy $FARM in this manner also with EURO, RUB & USD!

6. Calling Farmers to Vote on APWine!


Did you know that with APWine, farmers will be able to sell their future yield 90 days in advance?

This is exactly what APWine’s tech enables, and we need your vote for $iFARM to make it happen.

We will be exploring the addition of other popular vaults at Harvest so that farmers can realize their future yields today.

7. FARM Emissions Update

📉 $FARM emission in week 72is further reduced by 4.44% from last week’s emission of 1,171.17.

Details by our mod Yogafire


Happy Farming!

Harvest Team



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