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3 min readMay 24, 2022


Read all Harvest’s on-chain data: Financials, FARM Buybacks & Emissions, Vaults’ Profits, Treasury Statements & Holdings.

Despite being transparent, blockchains are hard to read like an open book by someone who casually uses services like etherscan.

This changes today at Harvest with this Dune dashboard designed by our friends at Llama.

It is promising to see Harvest creating a positive flywheel to the $FARM token, earning $2.9m for depositors since the start of 2022. 30% of that being reinvested and used for $FARM buybacks ~ Elliott, Llama

Tailored for Harvest’s needs, anyone can easily see the details of our on-chain organization thanks to detailed breakdowns and charts of the following data:

🌾 Do Hard Work Transactions

🚜 FARM Buybacks & Emissions

  • Compounded Income
  • Spent on Gas costs
  • Net profit
  • Hard Work Transactions
  • Vaults Compounded
  • doHardWorks Transactions (Weekly Chart)
  • Number of DoHardWork Txn (Weekly Chart)

Note: You can find a weekly FARM emissions breakdown in our medium archives.

📈 Financials

  • Weekly Income By Vault (Chart Breakdown)
  • Weekly Transaction Cost By Vault
  • Weekly Net Profit by Vault (Chart Breakdown)
  • Hard Work ROI by Vault (Chart Breakdown)
  • Vaults with a Hard Work in the last 60 days (Total Chart)
  • Number of Harvest Vaults Compounded

🛡️ Treasury:

  • Harvest Treasury Wallets by Assets (Chart Breakdown)
  • Harvest Treasury Wallets by Wallet Address (Chart Breakdown)
  • Harvest Treasury Holdings by Token (contract address list & pie chart)
  • Harvest Treasury — Daily Cash Flow Statement
  • Daily Net Change ∆ (bar chart)
  • Daily Net Change % (line chart)
  • Harvest Treasury Details

I am excited about Harvests’s transition towards a more community-led platform. As part of that transition, the transparency provided by the publicly accessible Llama dashboard gives Farmers confidence knowing the financial performance of the platform. ~ graud, Harvest contributor

Harvest community members are now empowered with tools to make better decisions on the future of our on-chain collective. These key metrics will serve farmers to better position their assets earning yield whilst helping investors & funds to build a smarter portfolio.

About Harvest Finance:

Harvest is an asset management platform that maximizes yield for assets deposited by users. Harvest reduces gas costs and develops cutting-edge strategies to become the stop-shop of yield farming in DeFi.

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