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Recap: Week 49

New Friends, Vaults, Integrations, and $FARM Listing to be excited about!

Dear Farmers,

Despite the summer vacation season, our commune tirelessly delivers you new features and products that strengthen the Harvest collective as a whole.

Week 49 was no different, full of new things to be excited and proud of. Let’s get into it!


  1. Harvest ft. Rari
  2. $FARM Listed on ZB.com
  3. Ethereum Vault ft. StakeWise
  4. Surpassing $400M in TVL
  5. Ecosystem Map Update
  6. Emissions Update
  7. Harvest in the News (new section!)

1. Harvest ft. Rari

August 2 — Harvest officially announced its FARMstead Pool at Rari Fuse. A place where anyone can borrow stablecoins against their $iFARM.

The pool went from $0 TVL to $5M in just one week, making it the 7th largest Pool on Fuse, with more than $750K being borrowed at the moment of writing.

Details: Twitter announcement | Medium announcement | Pool Stats

2. $FARM Gets Listed on ZB.COM

August 2/3 — Harvest’s main $FARM token gets listed on a popular Chinese Exchange ZB.com.

This listing marks the beginning of the $FARM expansion into Asia, with residents of countries like China, Singapore, Russia, or Korea being able to purchase $FARM faster straight from their bank accounts.

On top of that, it gives other exchanges in Asian regions a green flag to consider listing $FARM.

Details: Twitter announcement | Medium announcement

3. Ethereum Vault ft. StakeWise

August 5 — In a fruitful collaboration with StakeWise, Harvest launched a new Ethereum vault without impermanent loss. The vault nears $0.5M in deposits in 24 hours since launch.

Given the excitement around EIP1559 and ETH2 in general, we see this vault gaining traction with much more TVL on the horizon.

The vault includes Uniswap Fees, $iFARM, rETH, and $SWISE rewards.

Details: Twitter announcement | Medium announcement

4. $400,000,000+ TVL

August 2 — Harvest’s TVL surpassed $400M, scratching $447M for a brief moment during the week. It’s a vital sign of our deposits and lets us project reaching $0.5B TVL in the near future.

5. Updated Ecosystem Map

August 3 — Harvest updates its Ecosystem Map with recent projects and assets:

  • Exchanges: Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, ZB.com
  • Collaborations: Rari Capital
  • New Ecosystem: Polygon
  • Wallet: DeBankDeFi
  • Vaults: $FOX, $LQTY
  • Assets: $QUICK

6. Emissions Update

August 4 — New week, new emission update. This time it was no different.

Read the full emissions update here.

7. Harvest in the News!

This is a new section where we’ll be bragging *cough* sharing Harvest’s and its community appearance in the media outlets.

Since Harvest has been recently included in various news articles, the following list will reach beyond Week 49.

15 July — BeInCrypto— Harvest Finance Puts Its Focus On Usability With V2

16 July — Cointelegraph— Success in DEX? Fast-growing crypto exchanges may hurt DeFi investors — Cointelegraph reached out to Red, Harvest’s community manager, for a comment.

29 July — Cointelegraph — COIN price fails to impress as more crypto firms are eager to go public — Cointelegraph asked Red to comment on the topic, saying that:

While Coinbase is very innovative and a market leader in many respects, if the traditional markets are still uncertain of the underlying product, their COIN offering is likely to suffer from the same negative sentiment.

31 July —Decrypt — Ethereum Yield Farm Token Up 200% in Week After Coinbase Listing

4 August — Stockhead — Expert opinions: Ethereum’s London hard fork is important but may be short-term fizzer Our community foreman Red comments on the impact of EIP 1559

5 August — BeInCrypto — ‘Remove Emotions When Trading’ — Experts On Dealing With a Volatile MarketRed talks about yield farming as an alternative to active trading or simple holding

Stay tuned for more



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