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Launching $ORC — $ETH Vault ft. Orbit Chain

A collaboration with Orbit Chain with a focus on the Liquidity Mining incentive program.

Dear Farmers,

We are excited to officially announce a collaboration with the Orbit Chain, powered by the OGs of the Korean crypto scene — Ozys — to deepen their $ETH-$ORC Uniswap V3 Pool.

Orbit Chain has prepared a sizeable incentive budget for farmers willing to deploy their assets into the pool that will last three months.

🚜Vault Details:

Name: Uniswap V3: ORC-ETH
Fees: 0.3%
Range: Full range
Period: Feb 1st, 2022 ~ April 30th, 2022 (12 weeks)


  • $ETH:$ORC trading fees
  • $ORC Rewards
  • $iFARM Auto-compounding Rewards

$ORC Rewards Details:
73,500 ORC / week

Depending on the performance of this vault, it’s up to Orbit Chain to decide whether to continue its incentive program.

Stay tuned for updates!

About Orbit Chain

Orbit Chain is a multi-asset hub blockchain that stores, transfers, and verifies information and assets which exist on various public blockchains through decentralized Cross-chain communication.

Orbit Bridge is the cross-chain IBC protocol based on Orbit Chain. It currently connects various mainnets and has supported the cross-chain bridging of more than $17 Billion worth of assets. Orbit Chain currently supports 15+ public chains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi ECO Chain, Polygon, Ripple, Klaytn, and ICON.

Ozys, the team behind Orbit Chain, is a company spearheading blockchain development in South Korea, working tirelessly to create unity in the fragmented and dissociated blockchain world. Working under the ethos of “Connecting the Unconnected,” Ozys’ projects utilize cutting-edge technologies to bridge different ecosystems together. Ozys is a member of the Klaytn Governance Council alongside multinational businesses and organizations including Binance, Huobi, MakerDAO, LG Electronics, and Kakao.

Connect with Orbit Chain: Website | Twitter | Discord

About Harvest

Harvest is an asset management platform that maximizes yield for assets deposited by users. Harvest reduces gas costs and develops cutting-edge strategies to become the stop-shop of yield farming in DeFi.

Connect with Harvest: Website |Twitter |Discord

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